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Do the Celtics retire KG's number, and what about Ray?

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 28, 2014 at 12:45 AM

This has been a topic for years, but after Sunday's game. It's clear, if it wasn't before, that the fans love and appreciate KG's time in Boston. How can he not have his number retired after spending 6 years with Boston. KG raised a banner, and had great team success in Boston. His numbers were not Minnesota type numbers, but sometimes retiring numbers doesn't have to be about the numbers. KG put his stamp on the Celtics franchise, he changed the culture, and his arrival brought the Celtics franchise out of a funk. KG gets my vote.

So what about Ray Allen? Ray spent 5 years with the Celtics, and he won a ring, and he made his presents felt with this franchise, but should he have his number retire for his services. Let's look at this way. Ray did leave, KG was traded. I know KG had the no trade clause, but honestly, Danny was making a trade, nothing was stopping him. I'll be honest, I don't think Ray falls into the category of retiring number 20. Ray didn't have the same culture changing qualities of KG, lets face it KG is regarded as one of the best to play the game. Ray is, but Ray for a lot of people is the greatest shooter in the game ever. Maybe, I'm still bitter of Ray, and I can't see past his departure.
But I do feel like Ray didn't give us fans a lasting memory like KG has. Bob "I hate Rondo" Ryan's talked about retiring Ray and Kevin's numbers.

CSNNE (Chekcout the video on the link)

"I thought that was unprecedented in a couple of ways. The number one way is that the Garnett tribute took place with two minutes left in the period. The game was going on. It was like every one was signing off on it, no one had a problem with it . . . then Pierce's takes place at the end of the period.

"The idea of saluting the visiting players . . . is new and different, and the way it transpired and played out and the reaction of those two guys I thought made it a very special evening."

The guys then discuss whether or not Ray Allen will or should get his number retired.

Ryan notes that Red Auerbach allows for that second tier of players to get their numbers retired.

Ryan also says that Allen may not make the cut, but he's not going to argue against it because he knows how important Allen was to the C's, and how great of a shooter he is in the NBA.

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Reply Celticslifer
2:46 AM on January 28, 2014 
KG for sure, and if you do him.I hate to say it, but Ray must have his. I do agree with a lot of the points you make, but Ray too.
Reply gspr
8:34 AM on January 28, 2014 
I think KG should have his retired, but not Ray Allen. To Ray, the Celtics were just another team. To KG, they were a way of life. I also hope Rondo gets his number retired some day.
Reply paul
2:20 PM on January 29, 2014 
Kg? Absolutely. He brought Celtics Pride back. Ray? No Never. It's not just that he left. It's the punk way he did it. Never. I'd sooner see the Cs retire Kobe's number. You run from the team that you declared yourself loyal to, to the team that just beat 'your' team, for the sake of ring-chasing? A public number burning ceremony would be more appropriate. Burn Ray's number and never let anyone wear it again. What Ray did is not what a competitor does.