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Stevens on Rondos first performance

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 18, 2014 at 6:15 AM


Stevens has been thrilled with Rondo from day one. In Rondo's first game back, Brad Stevens expressed a few things, and Stevens  gets it.

"Yeah, I thought he was great. Obviously he’s going to feel – we’ll know more tomorrow about how he feels – but I thought he looked pretty good out there and he was obviously really rusty in the first quarter, but that was to be expected. And then, you know, he got that run in the second quarter and did a lot there, and I thought he made a lot of plays down the stretch. Just came up a little bit short, but I was glad he had the ball."

"Just a really good player. He’s going to be able to get back into the flow of things quicker than most, because he’s not taking time to adjust mentally. He’s been studying the game like he’s been out there for the last 40 games instead of just sitting there and doing what a lot of hurt guys do – and that’s not pay as much attention. And he has. So emotionally, mentally, he looked ready to me. And physically I thought he looked fine, too."

Rondo was far from being himself, but at the same time he was still good. He showed flashes, as you would expect. I felt like Rondo could have played more, I could be dead wrong, but he looked better as the game went on.

"A wide-open three would’ve been very, very preferable and we got one. So they were going to foul, they were trying to foul. Kelly Olynyk made a really good play by picking (Kendall) Marshall in the front court because that got the guy that was going to foul away from Rondo. Rondo dribbled down, Pau Gasol did a reasonable job challenging it, I thought, but it was still a good look. And just came up a little short."

Rondo looked to score the ball in the first half, he scored his 8 points in the second quarter to be exact. Rondo got the last shot, which was a solid look. Rondo should have taken a bigger role I suppose on the scoring part. I'll cut him slack for awhile. But I think Rondo will start looking for his scoring. I think the rest will take care of itself.

Quotes from Celtics.com

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Reply Greg
12:51 PM on January 18, 2014 
This is a great coach to player realtionhsip. Duncan had Pop, Jorand and Kobe had Phil. Lebron has himself. Rondo has Stevens.
Reply celtsfan
12:53 PM on January 18, 2014 
Thank god Stevens has self control. Ainge would have probably blew up if Rondo played a minute over 20 minutes.
Reply paul
4:03 PM on January 18, 2014 
I was glad that Rondo stepped up and took crunch time shots, but what I'm talking about is that he looks hesitant doing it. I'm not saying this to bash on Rondo. I'm saying it as constructive criticism, something that I'd like to see more of generally speaking when folks talk about sports. Speaking of which, wasn't it great to see Bass getting aggressive down on the blocks? But about Rondo, I think he's got to figure out how to embrace the role of scorer.
Reply celtsfan
7:20 PM on January 18, 2014 
I think he did that in the first half, but he changed his tone in the final 10 minutes that he was allowed to play. I think your right Paul, rondo is a beast in the post. he could score everytime