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What are Celtic fans thinking: Are the C's tanking?

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 13, 2014 at 6:00 AM

So what's going on over at Celticsblog? They have the biggest blog going, let's see what some fans say over there on a few topics. Mainly tanking and Rondo talk right now.

"Rondo is not gonna be the same for a while.

Ainge is going to control him the playing time and if is necessary he’s gonna shut him down. Ainge knows better and he’s not gonna blow the chance to get a top 4 in the draft. Hey even the Lakers are gonna do the same…"

Do you think Ainge will cut Stevens b@ll$ off when it comes to Rondo's minutes? Does Ainge have that much control over players on the court, outside of trading them and bringing them in? I'm sure he does..

"Wallace, Crawford or Bradley and the LAC pick for

Eric Gordon or Ben Gordon. I’m fine with either. One is a talented SG for our next Championship run (Eric); the other is a great…expiring contract. Which would give us enough room to overpay for Lance Stephenson, Gordon Hayward or Greg Monroe (of which I would go after in this order, I must add)."

This isn't a move I want, and do not want to overpay any of those guys above. People in Boston seem to love Hayward, he's talented, but who do you want as your shooting guard of the future? Avery or Gordon? I'll take AB.

"Not Enough Talent

I thought the 2006-2007 team was more talented, just too young. I appreciate the effort these guys are making, but they’re just not talented enough. There’s not enough depth to sustain play within a game. Can Rondo make a difference? Sure, but not this year. It’s going to take him some time to play again like himself. Next year will be different, but even all those wunderkids coming out this Summer won’t make that much of a difference next season. I think next season the team gets close to playing .500 ball, and hopefully the two picks this Summer develop into something special. I think it’s going to be awhile, and by awhile, I mean two and half more years to play better than .500 ball. And I think that’s being optimistic."

I don't think the 06-07 had more talent? A big hell yeah I think this team has loads more talent. Can Rondo make a difference this year? Yes, but in what kind of way is the real question.

"I'm all for the DEVELOPMENT...

… instead of the dreaded ‘tanking’.
and Ls fit just nicely when % (draft) is in question.
Surely, we could use a 20+ppg scorer (Jabari perhaps?) :)
But a 7ft monster beneath the rim would also be a sight for sore eyes, don’t you think? Someone like Hibbert…
Finally, to my surprise, I have more objections against our recent D more then scoring
I know we rank very well statistical wise, but the recent final scores are downright awful"

Sorry man, but the Pacers are not giving up Hibbert, and someone like him? Where is that guy? Thanks to Celticsblog for the great comments.

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Reply paul
8:09 AM on January 13, 2014 
They talk such nonsense over there. They make this site look brilliant (and at one time we were brilliant, but that's another story - at least in the sense of not kowtowing to the PR and group think). Most of those wizards still think you can't build around Rondo. I think that Ainge build this season primarily to be a fail, but with the possibility of going either way, depending on how the players and coach did. At first it looked like we might not tank, but the long wait for Rondo, injuries (KO) and Crawford's decline all set us on a tanking path, which Ainge, I believe, responded to by making the Bayless trade. Now I think Danny will wait to see how Rondo plays and how the team responds to him, and how STevens and Rondo work together.
Reply Greg
1:41 PM on January 13, 2014 
Stop trolling Paul. You were once great, u got it backwards.