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Stevens stands by his choice to leave his front court out in the 4th quarter

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 1, 2014 at 3:45 AM

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As the 4th quarter wore on, Brad Stevens decided to pull an anti-Doc type move. Brad Stevens didn't cave to the ego's on the bench. Brad Stevens decided to stick with who got him there in the 4th quarter. Those ego's on the bench? Jeff Green and Brandon Bass, also Jared Sullinger who had his worst game of the year in my book, with a lowly 2 points. The Boston Celtics had given away a pair of double-digit leads. A major trend right now with this team.


“I think it was pretty obvious that today the guys that were playing at the end were the guys that played well today," Stevens said. "So, you know, hard to take out a guy like Hump who’s got 18 [points] and 10 [rebounds] at that time and Kelly who’s got his best game as a pro going. So, you stick with them.”

The starting unit started to point fingers, and perhaps that led Brad Stevens to his choice to leave Bass and Green out in the 4th. I agree with the move, and he should stand by it. Maybe, just maybe the Celtics win this game if he played the trio of Sully, Bass, and Green in the 4th. It was a lesson that had to be learned.

"That doesn't bother me at all," Sullinger said. "When you have somebody like that . . . Kelly was on fire. Hump played really well defensively and offensively so why even come in and mess up the groove? Might as well let them stick it out and play hard. I thought they carried us down the stretch."

Sullinger went on to explain that when players have off-nights like the one he had tonight -- he recorded two points and 10 rebounds while dealing with a re-aggravated hand injury -- they deserve to have their minutes cut back.

"That's basketball -- period," he said. "You gotta grow up and understand that. Everybody has games like that. Somebody has it going and you just have to play behind them. It's life. That's basketball. Nobody's going to be perfect every night."

Frustration appeared to set in with both Bass and Green late in the game. While both were on the bench, they seemed to engage in a fairly heated exchange of words. The subject of their discussion was not known.

When asked about their interaction after the game, Stevens did not seem at all concerned.

"Disagreements are part of the game," he said. "Part of team basketball. How quickly you move on from them says a lot."

It is nice to see that Green has some fire. Sometimes it seems that he plays with zero emotions. It was nice to see the fire.

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Reply Morena
10:46 AM on January 1, 2014 
I agree with what Stevens did and I love that he stood by his choice.
I also like what Sully said about it
Reply NeCsFan
12:34 PM on January 1, 2014 
I 2nd Morena's comments, but would also add that while it's nice to see a fire in Green, it'd be much nicer to see that fire on the court on a regular basis.