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The talkin' box score: Boston Celtics - New York Knicks 114-73

Posted by Morena on December 9, 2013 at 3:20 PM

Record: 10-12


This was so exciting that I almost couldn’t believe it!! The game was early, so it was one of those rare situation where I can actually follow the game live and not just check everything the following morning. While I was looking at my computer screen, my eyes grew bigger and bigger, and my smile was larger with every minute of play. A friend of mine, who was following the game, was literally astonished, having seen us play against Houston last time. He couldn’t believe he was looking at the same team.


It’s true that the Knicks are off to a pretty tough start this year, but they had a two games winning streak going on, during which they looked pretty good, scoring a lot of points. I had some doubts before the game because I thought they were starting to get it going. Instead, after the first quarter we were up by 24 points. Knicks box score looks almost unreal: they shot 34% from the field, and their starting backcourt went 0for12 with 2 rebounds and 2 assist. I’m not sure I could believe something like this without looking at it myself. But let’s look at the Celtics now. It’s hard to find something negative to say after a game like this, maybe the turnover were a bit up, but when the game is like this, you also take some risk that you wouldn’t have taken if the game had been closer.


That said, we shot 54% from the field, and 56% from the three point line. The +/- numbers looks almost a mistake.


Bass played great, finishing with 16 points and eight rebounds. What I like more is that even though we were winning safely, he’s been aggressive the whole game, getting to the line, and fighting for rebounds. As of lately, it seems he find his zone and he’s been consistently big for us. We needed this. Sometimes, his numbers don’t reflect what he does on the field, and I’ve criticized him because of what his stat line said, but then I got to read reports that confirmed he’s been really solid since the beginning of the year. Right now instead, the numbers are in line with his performance.


Green was right behind him with 16 points and 6 rebounds, adding also 3 assists. Speaking about consistency, I can say about this guy what I wrote about Bass. After going up and down at the beginning of the season, he found consistency and he’s playing like this for a while now. His stat line looks almost the same in the last games. I love his energy when he plays like this.


Sully instead is playing like this since the beginning of the year. With Bass and Green grabbing more rebounds as of lately, he has a little less space off the boards, but I don’t mind it, as long as is someone of our team who grabs the ball!! He took advantage on this on the offensive end, shooting almost 70% for 21 points. He keeps playing hard, and he leaves it all on the floor every minutes he spend on the court. He didn’t want to hear fans talking about tanking, and he’s backing up his talk big time while on the field. A competitive fan can’t help but love his attitude.


Bradley didn’t shot the ball as well as his teammates, but he still finished with a double double, scoring 13 points to go with 10 rebounds. Moreover, if the Knicks backcourt finished without points, I believe we should give him some credit.


Crawford just keeps coming up big. The 6 for 12 from the three point line looks crazy. And he also had the time to dish out 7 assists.


And to think that almost none of these guys played in the fourth quarter!!


Our bench was in line with the whole team. Humphries, after a really big game last time, gave us another solid performance with 6 points and 7 rebounds, while Lee was the best scorer off the bench with 10 points. Another guy who keeps impressing me is Brooks. Once again, he had the chance to play just a few minutes, but he make a good use of the time Stevens gave him, scoring 8 points in 6 minutes, and shooting 100%. He doesn’t play a lot, but he sure help when his number is called.


And what’s more impressive about our team, is the fire with which we play.


I want to feel this fire burning tomorrow night with the Nets. As Green said, let’s not look at the record. Let’s keep this going.


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