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Misconceptions about tanking Part 2, did you expect 24-58?

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 12, 2013 at 5:30 AM

It seemed like many fans thought this was the 2006-07 team all over again. Of course some things are similar. Both teams have seldom used veterans who shared the same age. Bogans is 33, and Theo Ratlif was 33 during the 06-07 season. Maybe something else that's kind of similar, but it looks like it's in reverse. Paul Pierce only played 47 games that year, and Rondo may play about the same, if not a little more. Paul missed most of his time at the end of the year, and Rondo the early part.

The 06-07 team had an average age of 24.75. The 13-14 squad has an average age of 26.07. It's not a big jump, but when you look at it this way. Maybe you'll get the picture.The 06-07 team had an average of 3.25 years of experience, with 4 rookies and two second year players. This current squad has an average of 4.57 years of experience. The bottom line is that this roster has a nice blend of youth, and veterans who are still young.

Don't you think the overall talent level on this roster is far better than the 06-07 team? Yes Paul Pierce was an All-Star, but he wasn't at the level of a Finals MVP that year. So, the overall roster this year is leaps and bounds better. I'm pretty sure I predicted the Celtics to win 4 games this month. Wow, they have me beat. I feel bad. Because before the season I felt like this team was a playoff team. I ended up picking them to go 36-46 I believe overall. Because I felt like this team would have picked it up after Rondo's return, but now they might just get by this month.

The bottom line is that the 06-07 team was too young, and they didn't have the best young guys. The only one that panned out was Big Al, no pardon me Rondo was actually the only All-Star from the young players. This team right now has a balance, and that's why there that good, plus the coach is showing that he's strong. The Celtics could be 6-2 for all we know, but I'll be okay with the 4 wins as it stands.

So? I think it's time to get over the tanking desires. This team is too good. This team is missing another star player to go with Rondo. The core role playres are on the team for the most part. Green, and Bradley are fit with Rondo. Danny didn't want to tank this year, and maybe, just maybe this team will continue this run.

Misconceptions about tanking Part 1

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Reply celtsfan
12:45 PM on November 12, 2013 
legit post on this matter again. Right on man. That's why I come here.let's not forget. Sometimes u get stuck with an over hyped kid like Kwame Brown.