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Misconceptions about tanking Part 1

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 10, 2013 at 11:50 PM

I take a breath and I wait. As I'm typing this, I wonder if maybe I’m overbearing about this subject matter. Will I hit all the notes, or will it be more like a jam session. If I could just comprehend this misconception. Why would we, as fans want out team to tank games? Why would hope our rookie coach Brad Stevens the worst season possible. That's not good mentally for any coach, and for any core group of guys. The pro tankers keep saying this is the deepest draft in history, or one of them for that matter.

Is this the 2003 draft all over again? I don't know, but what about the past 10 years in draft history?

Year Team No. 1 overall pick School/Country
2012 New Orleans Hornets Anthony Davis Kentucky
2011 Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving Duke
2010 Washington Wizards John Wall Kentucky
2009 Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin Oklahoma
2008 Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose Memphis
2007 Portland Trail Blazers Greg Oden Ohio State
2006 Toronto Raptors Andrea Bargnani Italy
2005 Milwaukee Bucks Andrew Bogut Utah
2004 Orlando Magic Dwight Howard SW Atlanta Christian Academy
2003 Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (OH)

There is only one player in that group of top picks who has a ring. Howard is a headache, but again he is one of the best centers in the game. It took him 5 seasons to reach a Finals, and that's major accomplishment. But Howard has proven that he's not worthy of the number one guy on a team, at least anymore. He hasn't evolved. Bogut has been good, but not an All-Star. But the injuries could play a part in that. Bargnani? Oden? Both didn't pan out. Rose is one of the best in the game, but I'll put my money where my mouth is. Rondo is a better point guard. Griffin is a nice star, but he's not "the guy". He's a great second guy.

John Wall hasn't proven anything yet. Irving has a lot of hype, but he hasn't proven anything yet. Davis is only in his second year.

Here is the top five's for each draft. 


Pick Team Player School / Club
1 NOH Anthony Davis University of Kentucky
2 CHA Michael Kidd-Gilchrist University of Kentucky
3 WAS Bradley Beal University of Florida
4 CLE Dion Waiters Syracuse University
5 SAC Thomas Robinson University of Kansas


Pick Team Player School/Country
1 CLE Kyrie Irving Duke
2 MIN Derrick Williams Arizona
3 UTA Enes Kanter Turkey
4 CLE Tristan Thompson Texas
5 TOR Jonas Valanciunas Lithuania


Pick Team Player School/Country
1 WAS John Wall Kentucky
2 PHI Evan Turner Ohio State
3 NJN Derrick Favors Georgia Tech
4 MIN Wesley Johnson Syracuse
5 SAC DeMarcus Cousins Kentucky


Pick Team Player School/Country
1 LAC Blake Griffin Oklahoma
2 MEM Hasheem Thabeet Connecticut
3 OKC James Harden Arizona State
4 SAC Tyreke Evans Memphis
5 MIN Ricky Rubio Spain

2008 (Now that was a great top 5, besides Beasley)

Pick Team Player School/Country
1 CHI Derrick Rose Memphis
2 MIA Michael Beasley Kansas State
3 MIN O.J. Mayo Southern California
4 SEA Russell Westbrook UCLA
5 MEM Kevin Love UCLA


Pick Team Player School/Country
1 POR Greg Oden Ohio State
2 SEA Kevin Durant Texas
3 ATL Al Horford Florida
4 MEM Mike Conley Ohio State
5 BOS Jeff Green Georgetown


Pick Team Player School/Country
1 TOR Andrea Bargnani Italy
2 CHI LaMarcus Aldridge Texas
3 CHA Adam Morrison Gonzaga
4 POR Tyrus Thomas Louisiana State
5 ATL Shelden Williams Duke


Pick Team Player School/Country
1 MIL Andrew Bogut Utah
2 ATL Marvin Williams North Carolina
3 UTA Deron Williams Illinois
4 NOH Chris Paul Wake Forest
5 CHA Raymond Felton North Carolina


Pick Team Player School/Country
1 ORL Dwight Howard Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy
2 CHA Emeka Okafor Connecticut
3 CHI Ben Gordon Connecticut
4 LAC Shaun Livingston Peoria Central HS (IL)
5 WAS Devin Harris Wisconsin

The 2003 draft was James, Darko, Melo, Bosh,and Wade. If you look at all of this what do you get out of it? Let's start with Rose.The Bulls didn't have to do much for him. They had Deng already, and they drafted Noah the year before at the 9th pick. They added Boozer as a free agent during the 2010 summer. The Bull also have one of the best coaches. If Rose was drafted by the Wizards. Would he be on a contenting team? I don't know if the Bulls are contenders this year. In 2011 the Bulls were, and in 2012 before the injury. Last year he didn't play. Now Rose is coming back to a team who may have changed without him. Time will tell.

What team sticks out to you? The Thunder? Do you expect the Celtics to get that lucky? That's a freak accident. That just doesn't happen. They couldn't even hang onto Harden. Let's look at the Pacers. A team on the rise. They drafted Hibbert 17th in the  2008 draft, and George was drafted 10th in the 2010 draft. David West was a veteran All-Star who they picked up on the free agent market. The Pacers already had Granger, who hasn't played that much in the past couple of years, but they also have others they've drafted, or traded for. George Hill was a good add.

A lot of the players above are All-Star type players, but franchise altering players. I'll give you my top 5 list of the best players from the 50 players above. 

1. James (Top Pick)

2. Durant (2nd Pick)

3. Rose (Top Pick)

4. Westbrook ( 4th pick)

5.Kevin Love (5th pick)

People are wanting a savior. But I think one fact remains. Danny figured it out, and it's been the model for most teams. If you want to win you need a veteran team with the right mix of youth. Danny did the right thing by trading almost every young player on the Celtics for KG, and Ray Allen. Danny got a title out of it, and the Celtics should have one at least one more title from 2009-2012. Injuries played a part in all of that. But the fact remains. You need veterans to win, and I think Danny's intentions are simple. Try to repeat some of the same old tricks from his 2007 blockbuster summer. He won't be able repeat exactly. But I think Rondo is his Pierce, and he'll figure out how to build around Rondo. Because I stick by this. Rondo is one of those once in a lifetime players.

Who's not say that the C's make a steal at the 10th pick somehow, or at the 15th pick. Who really knows. The odds that the Celtics grab that number one pick is slime, even if they finish with the worst record in the NBA. The ping pong balls say the Celtics have a higher chance if they finish with the worst record. But we've seen what's happened in the past. Does 1997, and 2007 ring a bell. Like I said this post was a jam session. I think Danny's ideal solution is to build this team quickly, but the right way. He's made comments in the past about top picks. But I think he knows that the Celtics can't wait 5 years. He has a clock on Rondo, and I honestly believe he's looking to the summer of 2015 to sure up this team as a contender.

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Reply celtsfan
11:35 AM on November 11, 2013 
I agree will danny be able to build a team like the Thunder? not a chance. unless lightning strikes twice.
Reply Yenu
7:40 PM on November 11, 2013 
Yea I also think you win with veteran talent that can deal with postseason pressure, especially when you show the last ten drafts, no one has drafted a top 5 draft pick who's got them a championship but Miami with Wade