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If Rose's a Red and Rondos a Green

Posted by Yenu on November 8, 2013 at 5:10 PM

 Its my estimation, that Derrick Roses playing is overdue, because as of one week of games, the former mvp doesnt have a sore knee or any setbacks to the ACL, no, hes simply rusty. Like, hasnt played in a while, like lack of conditioning, like maybe he shouldve played when the doctors cleared him when he wouldnt. Like Rose our beloved Rondo is sidelined due to a tear, be it a slight tear, the timeline for his return is still TBD after ten months. Russell Westbrook recently came back for the thunder after his second surgery in six months and looked great. Now, i know every athlete doesnt have the same recovery time when it comes to the bigger injuries, but it seems like between RG3, Kobe, Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose their returns were mostly self determined and came down to their personalities. I motion that Rondo return and return sooner rather than later because it seems hes a bigger piece to this Celtics puzzle than first expected.

 With lineups still in the air and offenive cohesion being our biggest woe so far this season, its obvious that for this team to find its core group of players, they will need Rondos 11 apg hes averaged his career and the guidance of a champion and topteer competitor. The worst part about being 1-4 with this team is watching the games play out the way they do. Besides the 22-point lead we gave up on the home opener, weve played up to our oppostion even on the road, giving up leads to toronto and coming back to take a lead late in detroit only to end the game with turnovers and lack of execution on offense. Its been said, that this current roster would have to prove themselves worthy to play with Rondo when he returns, by sustaining a decent record in his absense. (Ive projected 6-10) Its obvious that contenders are going to want to see rondo healthy and effective to offer something to Danny Ainge for him, but the way the team has been shaped with it being over the luxury tax, im expecting Ainge to see this team come together and give it their best shot, hes left too much talent on the team, on purpose. But, if this team isnt in the playoff hunt at the trade deadline, its a good chance Ainge doesnt keep the bloated contracts and "really" cleans house for a rebuild (TANKJOB).

 The team needs Rondo so bad, that they wouldnt even need a spry Rondo who was expected to contribute more to the offense as a scorer this year. Theyve got scorers everywhere on the floor at every position, even second teamers like Jordan Crawford and Courtney Lee have helped the team look at times, exciting to watch with an "up and down" style with lots of shot attempts. The teams problem so far this year is when they build leads with their fast offenive attack, theyre not able to sustain leads with long drawn out half court sets because theres no DAMN point guard. Not one, everybodys a combo guard masquerading around as one turning the ball over in key possessions late in games (Avery Bradley). I cant really blame him, because weve known for two years he cant handle the ball and Ainge still hasnt acquired anyone to run these pack of wolves. Yes, if youve seen stints of theyre play so far when theyve played focused it looks like a pack of wolves all on the attack, with young assertive talent at every position. But, the team is ranked 30th in team apg and Rondo gets 10 assists in his sleep, so we need that.

 But my last point has to do with leadership and intangibles. Though Rondo has traveled with the team throughout opening week, the team hasnt been able to play inspired ball for a whole 48 minutes yet (even in the win, we almost gave up the lead due to a 13 point 4th quarter). With no champions on the roster and the sole member on the team to make it to the finals is Brandon Bass, its safe to say the team lacks veteran leadership or at least an adequate form. Plus, lets face it, besides Lebron, Rondos the only guy under the age of 30 with a ring. And in a league where Lebrons also the top competitor, Rondo is also his only true competition with their playoff record against each other being 2-2 ( Even though the Heat won a series in 2011 while Rondo was injured). But, throw away the record and even the stats, when you rely on the "eye-test" Rondos arguably been the best player on the court playing against any competition and any stage. Lets just say we'll look alot better with him than without him, but by aWHOLElot, like a wholewholewhole lot. In my opinion, with Rondo on the court were always a contender, he's a gamechanger. 

GO CELTS!! And always God Bless

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Reply Greg
9:36 PM on November 8, 2013 
Rose has been rusty for sure. Rondo will deal with same rusty play. I don't see him playing 40 minutes a night this season.
Reply Celticslifer
1:42 AM on November 9, 2013 
I agree with that. Rondo makes us a contender. I like how u see Rondo's worth. Props