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Becoming a symbol

Posted by Morena on November 3, 2013 at 2:35 PM

We need a leader.

We knew this and it’s even more clear now after a couple of games. As Shawn noted, we don’t have a go-to-guy that can help us in the fourth quarter. Our leader is out, and there’s no one able to replace him as of today. What’s comforting, is that even on the side line, Rondo looks more and more like the leader we hoped he could become.

After a silence that lasted from the day the injury happened until training camp, Rondo finally spoke with the media. And then, he volunteered for a press conference a week before the beginning of the season. It was pretty impressive for me to see him sitting there for the press conference. He looked bigger, like he really worked hard during the summer, and not only on rehabbing his knee, but on every part of his body.

And he also looked more mature. The press conference was pleasant and he looked in good spirit, but there was something in his composure, in the way he answered those questions, that gave me the impression that he really was the big brother now, and no longer the little brother of the big three. It seems that he really made the best out of the hard experience he went through this year.

Then, the first game of the season arrived, and Rondo was on the sideline with a clipboard taking noted, giving advice, and doing whatever he could to help his teammates. Even the players said he really looked like a coach, and that he wasn’t there just to show how good he looked with a suit and tie. And I’m sure that Steven appreciate his help. That was his first game as an NBA coach. He’s not in an easy situation, and having a pointguard with a great court vision on the bench next to you must be pretty helpful. Of course, you prefer to have him on the field, but while he can’t play, it’s great to see he’s really doing everything to help the team.

Then, on opening night, he went even further.

Rondo, the little brother that didn’t like the spotlight, grabbed the mike and walked toward the center of the field, with a big, fake beard on his face to welcome the fans. Every bit of this sentence sounds amazing to me. He always avoided, when possible, to talk to the media, but now, he’s really taking on his leadership role and he stepped in front of everybody. He didn’t need to do that to have everybody’s eyes on him. I bet that everyone at the Garden was watching him on the sideline.

And then, there’s the fake beard. While I appreciate the tribute to the Boston Red Sox, I believe there was something more behind that. The beard for the Red Sox this year, was like Ubuntu for us in 2008. It’s something that is able to keep the whole team together, and Rondo understand this. He know we need something that the whole team can do, say or believe in. And stepping on the court with a beard that right now means so much to the city of Boston, it was like Maximus in the movie “The Gladiator” grabbing that white horse in the first battle at Coliseum and setting himself apart from everybody else.

Win the Crowd.

Most fans already appreciate Rondo and understand the amazing talent that he is. But now, I think he’s winning over those who doubted him. He’s becoming the true symbol of the Boston Celtics, and he will be the face of our team from now on.

And brace yourselves, because he’s ready for it.


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1 Comment

Reply celtsfan
4:20 PM on November 3, 2013 
Nice read Morena. I think many fans have warmed up to Rondo also.