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The talkin' box score: Milwaukee Bucks - Boston Celtics 105-98

Posted by Morena on November 2, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Record: 0-2


I hate losing.

If you ask me about how I feel about losing, nine days out of ten I’ll tell you that there is just one way of losing, and it sucks. But today, I will probably answer you that you can lose in a good way, and you can lose in a bad way. And we lost in a bad way yesterday.


When I looked at the box score this morning, it looked almost perfect. We still had too many turnovers, but everyone scored a lot of points and rebounded the ball. There were few assist, but then again, we knew we didn’t have a point guard. My first thought was: how in the world we could lose this game? We even shot the ball better. Learning that we had a 22 points lead didn’t help either. I came immediately on the blog to see if there was already something about the game, and Shawn had already posted Wallace interview.

“Guy’s worried about padding stats, and not about winning”. That was a pretty rude awakening.

Honestly, I don’t like this kind of things to come out of the locker room so early in the season. It’s just the second game. We knew the road was going to be a bumpy one, especially at the beginning.

This was the second game, and we can’t allow the frustration to come out in that way. If Wallace is right, and the guys were playing just for filling the stat sheet, he should have said that behind closed door. We said more than once during the preseason that Wallace appeared to be our leader while Rondo was out. Calling out everybody with the media at just the second game, and with a young team, it’s not what a leader is supposed to do. I’m sure he was trying to help, but I think he made a mistake here.


That said, I’m really disappointed by this.

I said more than once that we have no chance to win banner 18 this year, but if we play like a team, we can surprise a lot of people. Green himself said that he was inspired by how the Boston Red Sox came together as a team this year, and they ended up winning the World Series.

Second game of the year, and one of the players comes out of the locker room saying that guys were playing for the stats. Which is a pretty selfish way to play. I don’t think he could have said something more disappointing to me. And again, even if I hate losing, this time I’m not disappointed by the loss, but by the way we lost. I want my team to fight together. Then, no matter what the final result will be, I’m gonna be proud of my team. And I WANT to be proud of my team.


That said, as I anticipated, the box score looked pretty good. If the guys really played to fill the stat sheet, they sure made it. I’m a little worried about Bradley fouling out once again. He plays a pretty aggressive defense, and if the refs don’t tolerate it, it will be a problem for him, and for us as a team. The best thing out of this, was Vitor’s game. His stat line was so impressive!! It really appears that we finally found the center we were looking for. And if he can keep playing like this, I can only imagine what he will be able to do once Rondo comes back!!


It will be a difficult game against the Detroit Pistons on Sunday, but I just hope it will be a hard fight.


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Reply celtsfan
7:36 PM on November 2, 2013 
This team did have a balanced offense for the most part. The final quarter the ball stopped moving.