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Notes from Saturday's practice

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 20, 2013 at 2:00 AM

We found out a lot about Wallace's reading habits today. The preseason has been the worst in some time, but with the last two losses coming by a total of 4 points. The Celtics have shown improvements.

ESPN Boston

"If it ain’t on the Xbox, I ain’t reading it," said Wallace. "I couldn’t tell you anything about no magazines, newspapers, none of that."

But try as he might to avoid the noise, even Wallace couldn't help but acknowledge that few pundits expect Boston to be very competitive this season with most win projections -- both locally and nationally -- topping out in the high 20s.

"Our main thing is we want to try to get better," said the 31-year-old Wallace, the Boston player with the most service time in the league (12 seasons). "We know nobody is picking us to win the championship; nobody is picking us to make the playoffs. Our main thing is we just gotta continue to get better. I told the guys, we’re like a sleeper team. We’re that team that everybody’s looking at on their schedule like, ‘OK, we can get a win,’ [or,] ‘We can rest, this might be a night off for us.' We can surprise some teams and do some things. ... A lot of teams are not going to be expecting it."

Wallace echoed the sentiments of his new coach Brad Stevens, who we know now is incredibly process-oriented and prefers to focus on the day-to-day climb rather than the big-picture leap. But even Stevens recalled a couple times that his Butler squads were picked to be in the bottom half of the Horizon League. He suggested there's only so far you can get by using predictions as motivation.

"[The players] know what people are saying, I know what people are saying. You can use that as motivation for a week maybe," said Stevens. "But then you’ve got to just get to be good. You have to make yourself do the little things to be good. You can use it as a chip on your shoulder and I think most of these guys will do that. We’ve talked about that in certain circumstances, but that can’t be a major part of your everyday [approach]. It’s gotta be more about, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of little things that go on in the game that can help you win' and that’s what you focus on."

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