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Rondo the dinner host, and is he captain?

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 30, 2013 at 1:30 PM

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Rondo held camp last season, well, this time because of the injury Rondo had to set up a dinner at his house. Ainge said, "Rondo invited everyone, coaches included, to a big dinner at his house". Danny AInge on when Rajon Rondo will return, "Your guess is as good as mine." Ainge the other day said Rondo is safe, this was his statement today,  "there's always a possibility. This team isn't perfect." he said,  "this time of year not a lot of moves happen." 

I think Rondo is doing everything in his power to keep this together, and for him to  build on a leadership role. Who's a bad teammate? Sorry Crawford, what happened to the invite?

Jay King @ByJayKing 

Jordan Crawford on what the team ate at Rondo's dinner: "I actually didn't attend."

Scott Souza @scott_souza 

#Celtics president Danny Ainge: Rajon Rondo working out ... Staying away from contact ... Had big team dinner (no word if it was pot luck).

Chris Forsberg @ESPNForsberg 

Ainge said Rondo will run through non-contact drills at camp; won't touch timeline talk. Stresses Rondo's leadership even off the floor.

I didn't get to see a quote, but I saw that Ainge had spoken about Rondo's job as captain. Anyone have any quotes?

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Reply paul
2:28 PM on September 30, 2013 
I like it a lot that Rondo is trying to play the leadership role. But I predict he will be traded. Danny knows that there are several teams out there that want him fairly badly. He's going to let the ongoing grind of the season heighten their appetites, and then he'll go for what he thinks is the best deal. He's mensch enough that he may also take into account the best destination for Rondo. There are five or six teams out there that seem to be thinking hard about Rondo.
Reply jlil89
2:42 PM on September 30, 2013 
I do agree as we inch closer to the deadline that trade rumors are going to absolutely explode. I do hope that we retain him but it's not bad thing that Rondo is so highly sought after. The rest of the NBA is not blind to his greatness.
Reply Greg
2:48 PM on September 30, 2013 
Danny is a slime ball. Lol, I mean I didn't hear everything,but he's changed his tune a bit?
Reply paul
3:02 PM on September 30, 2013 
I read at Celtics Life that Danny actually dubbed Rondo the captain, and then realizing he wasn't supposed to make that official, apparently, tried to walk it back. That's why he hedged what he had to say with the adjective "obvious".

So if you ask me, that's a really good sign that Danny is pretty serious about building around Rondo. But Stevens says that this team will play "positionless" basketball. I don't know that I like the sound of that. On one hand, this team has a lot of players who play an inverted game. Rondo can take anyone in the low post, and Olynyk does not at all mind spotting up for threes; Green can guard anyone from two to four, and Wallace will take on anyone, regardless of their size; Marshon, Bass and Brooks never saw a shot they didn't like, and Sully never saw a rebound he didn't like. This team has a lot of options. But I don't want anyone taking the ball out of the hands of our best ballhandler, best penetrator and best playmaker, someone who may be as good at those things as anyone who ever played the game. Positionless is fine. Just make sure Rondo gets the ball.

Stevens also says that the best way for the team to bond is by playing defense. I love that. That's great. Hear that Rajon?!! Hear that future DPOY?!!
Reply paul
3:26 PM on September 30, 2013 
wow - based on what i'm reading on twitter, Rondo's interview today was solid gold, well worth waiting all summer for. The most important thing is that he is very very aggressive about asserting his role on the team. He says that this is his team, this is Brad's team, this is Brad's team, this is his team. I really like the assertiveness of that. Rondo says that Stevens is his 'best friend'. He says he has an 'open mind'. Stevens has given him books and youtube vids to study, and they talk or text every day.

Rondo's media persona seems matured. He uses his laconic approach to deliver strong messages. When asked when he will return he says winter, or maybe fall. Some would call that evasive, but I call it very clear. Asked bout Doc he says doc was tough on him, made him the player he is, but now he is in LA. That's saying a lot with a little. Says he's looking forward to a fresh start. I think that's pretty telling too.
Reply jlil89
3:31 PM on September 30, 2013 
So far VERY positive media day. Breathe easy guys, this year will be okay IMO.
Reply paul
3:35 PM on September 30, 2013 
jlil89 says...
So far VERY positive media day. Breathe easy guys, this year will be okay IMO.

I hope you are right Jlil - and today does sound good - but i'm nowhere near breathing easy yet.