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Rondo on a path of something big?

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 24, 2013 at 5:15 AM

Rondo's career in Boston is an unfinished book. With chapters to be written, and with stories to tell. When it comes to great Celtics, fans, and critics evaluate a few things. The first is how many banners did you help raise?  Russell with 11, Hondo with 8, Cowens with 2, and Bird with 3. Not to mention other greats like Mchale with 3, Bob Cousy with 6, and Jo Jo White with 2.

Rondo has one ring, and with another ring far from sight. That leaves Rondo’s story unfinished, with an uncertain path that remains for Rondo. A lot hinges on Danny Ainge, and his want to retain Rondo for the future. Rondo also plays a part in all of this. He’s the player that needs to remain a MVP type player. He’s the one that needs to make his teammates better, Rondo is the one that needs to adopt some defensive responsibility. He’s more than able to do that, he’s been an all NBA defensive player more than a couple of times. Things also hinge on Rondo being more of a balance on the offensive end, it would be silly to say Rondo is finally a knockdown shooter, but it’s not silly to say that he’s an excellent shooter.

Danny wasn’t kidding when he said this team is in better shape this time around when dealing with the hardships of rebuilding. This young core surpasses the likes of Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson, and Delonte West. I think Bradley is an upgrade if you want to compare him to West, although West could score the ball better when he was a Celtic, Bradley will have a chance to show us that he can up his offensive game. Jeff Green is an upgrade over Ryan Gomes, and Gerald Green combined. The Celtics have more draft picks then they can count, and they’ll have cap spacein the summer of 2014, along with a trade exception this season. They’ll need to us the 10.3 million trade exception by July 12th, 2014.

Rondo has an opportunity to surpass some other greats in Boston Celtics history. He will likely become the greatest assists man in green if he stays after his two year deal is up. Rondo has a chance to surpass what Paul Pierce did in Boston. Maybe another ring will give some fans peace. It could be peace of mind for the fans who believe in him, and for the ones who have doubted his ability to lead, or win without Kevin and Paul.

Rondo won’t become the second all-time leading scorer like Paul Pierce, because that’s not who he is, I don’t see Bill Russell in the top 5 on that list, and Rondo won’t need to be there on that list to prove his legendary status that could await. I know I have said a lot of this before(summertime), in some different forms, and in different posts. But Rondo has something inside that other greats have. The winning pedigree that sets them apart,and him apart. For the rest of Rondo’s days in Boston, he’ll want to get the monkey off his back.

Rondo will have to win another title with the Celtics as the main player to shake off some of the negativity that clouds his time in Boston. Although in some cases you could argue that Rondo had a lot to do with the Celtics title in 2008, because he did, but the ‘Big 3’ get more than half of the credit. Paul Pierce left Boston with one banner in the rafters, and that’s okay by me. His number will be in the rafters one day as well. It’s still hard to say where Paul ranks all-time, because most era’s at least have two titles, with the 70’s Celtics with 2.

The KG era had a rash of injuries that detoured hope for a second title. Danny hopes to build something special, and Rondo could be the leader that takes this team over the top one more time, if not more. In this unfinished book of Rondo, MVP talk hasn’t been something to overlook with Rondo. If he can win a MVP, with a ring at some point, where talking about Russell, Cousy, Cowens, and Bird who have been the only winners in Celtics history.

My overall point for this post is simple. Rondo has the tools to become one of the All-Time greats in Celtics history, and a chance to surpass Paul, or at least to become on the same playing field as him in Celtics lore. Another title would set him apart from his peers, and from his past teammates.

Rondo should be motivated to be great. He has a lot to prove, and all the tools. A lot of luck, and a lot of good fortune will be needed along the way. Danny has a part in this process, along with Stevens. This book is far from finished, and right not Danny has writing up a draft for the middle chapters.

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Reply paul
7:24 AM on July 24, 2013 
Rondo has to find that middle gear. That's something every great player has to have, but it's something that Rondo doesn't seem to have found as yet. It's the way you play most of the time, when you aren't trying to swallow the universe with one gulp, but you also aren't just mailing it in either.
Reply Greg
12:36 PM on July 24, 2013 
Rondo does have a chance to build a legendary career. I'm sure he wants to surpass Paul Pierce,and to forge his own name.
Reply paul
1:42 PM on July 24, 2013 
And to show fans a game they haven't seen before...
Reply C'slife
7:32 PM on July 24, 2013 
I really can't tell you ramped up I am about this season, even though it could be really bad, or maybe better than most think.
Reply paul
8:12 PM on July 24, 2013 
Me too - maybe more than last year - but without the expectations.