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Celtics Morning Joe: 'Both sides motivated to get things done'

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 18, 2013 at 5:00 AM

CSNNE.com's Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely joined CSNNE's Kyle Draper on SportsNet Central to discuss the latest.

"They're too far down the road at this point to turn back, but the key issues as you alluded to earlier, is what are the Clippers willing to give the Celtics in return," Blakely said.

"Right now things are at a standstill, but again, because they're so far and so deep into this, I think both sides are going to be extra motivated to get something done and get it done soon."

Blakely thinks the Celtics need to get this deal done more than the Clippers do. Check out the video for more.

It feels like we have a friendship lost, words left unspoken between two parties. The pain is being  held inside by someone in this mess, two hearts broken?  The point of no return is where it's at in this mess.  An agreement hopefully will be made soon. So we can  speak no more of Doc. 

The perfect friendship, once so strong has seen an end. Danny and Doc painted the perfect picture for years. From the outside it seems like Danny was the loyal one. Now a realtionship turned to nothing, what went wrong?  The point of no return without a doubt. No going back, or showing defeat. Two people’s pride, has a friendship beat. This is what happens, when people disagree,  Put pride before their fall, and pretend to be something they are not. Who knows what happened.

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Reply paul
9:46 AM on June 18, 2013 
Danny has gotten himself screwed again. This reminds me of the Perkins deal, where Danny repordedly wanted Harden, but ended up with Green. Harden is such a bottle of instant offense that he might have won us a championship that year, but Green is/was a more complicated project who basically cost us a likely championship. It seemed like part of what happened was that Danny got his mind set on a deal, and then OKC pulled a bait and switch. I think that may have happened with the Clippers too. They may have let Danny think that they were prepared to part with Bledsoe, but then as soon as the deal became a public 'thing', Danny's leverage disappeared because basically it became000 nearly impossible for any of the Three to come back to the Cs, and suddenly Bledsoe disappeared from the table. Now Danny is facing a horrible choice. Either you make a deal that is basically KG for Jordan, and some BS added on, or you lose KG and Doc and get nothing at all. Bait and switch. Sadly, other GMs seem to have figured out how to screw Ainge over in deals.

This only looked good if we got Bledsoe and then Bledsoe (and possibly Jordan, or perhaps Bradley) became part of further deals. Now it looks like a KG for Jordan swap, and unless Danny knows something about Jordan we don't know, that looks awful, or unless he can swing some more good deals without Bledsoe.
Reply NeCsFan
12:21 PM on June 18, 2013 
According to my bleacher report app. the clips have called the deal off saying Cs were asking for too much. If this is true this whole debacle is only just beginning to get interesting.