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Posted by shawn cassidy on April 26, 2013 at 11:40 PM

If I could write the perfect song.  The notes and cords would be written to be played with passion.  The song would be one to describe a long journey. The song would describe all our highs, lows, ups, downs. Its melody would be tailored by Orchestral instruments to bring an epic conclusion to the song.

If I could write the perfect season? Banner 18 with Rondo winning Finals MVP, and a defensive player award, then followed with an MVP trophy. Happy endings do,and do not exist. No matter how much we insist but, somehow, we must persist through life. People always say that in the end, it works out. This season it didn't work out. I know the season hasn't ended, and I know about 3% of fans believe the Celtics come back and win this series, but for right now the Celtics are in limbo. Where do they go from here.

We all love this team, maybe for some  of you like a few players, or maybe just one, or the entire team. But we all love the name on the uniform. The current roster to me is short of Celtic players. This club doesn't feel like a Celtics team. We don't have guys who follow the pride,and passion of a KG, they didn't listen or follow Rondo's lead.The Celtics have talent on this roster, but even with Rondo it didn't gel. Do we have the right guys surrounding Rondo.

With the Celtics one game away from elimination. The spring into summer will be long, and the summer into the fall will be even longer. Will have so many questions about the future, or what should Danny do. I feel lost for the first time in this era. Some may say this era ended when Ray Allen departed, we moved on, because we have Rondo, and we have to.

Will head into the off season with many concerns. The Celtics will head into next year with low exceptions. Maybe some of the lowest in some time. This comment by Doc sums up the season.

Doc on KG: "I got the sense that he was getting frustrated, because he wanted (teammates) to be him, in the same spirit."

This season has been unreal, and we've learned a lot about some players. I'm worried about the fire and passion of the players on this roster. Green has all the skill in the world,bur he lacks something. The same could be said about Bass,and even Bradley. I don't even know what they hell Terry is at this point. He's not apart of the future, I do know that. As for Lee, and Crawford. I don't know.

I think another loss that has gone unnoticed is Sully. That young guy had so much fire, and he was a major part of the Celtics this season. He made the Celtics a bit bigger. Even Barbosa played had his moments. The Celtics lost three guys this season that could have aided KG with passion, and grit. What about Pierce, I don't know what to say. I will say I'm disappointed. I'll leave this rant here. I have another on the horizon.

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Reply paul
7:06 AM on April 27, 2013 
I don't think we had the right guys around Rondo, and I don't think Rondo and Doc took responsibility to have a plan.
Reply Greg
11:00 AM on April 27, 2013 
Paul we were told these are the right guys,we believed it all. Now we know,and now the Celtics do.