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Wyc sounds off on trade deadline

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 26, 2013 at 7:45 PM

"I know what the offers were; you wouldn’t have taken them," Grousbeck said in response to a caller that expressed frustration that the team didn't look to the future. Earlier in the interview, Grousbeck admitted injuries and inconsistent play had forced the team to consider longer-term options, but stressed that this team still believes it is capable of competing in the postseason.

"I’d say this, for the last two or three days before the deadline, their names [Pierce and Garnett] came up more than anybody else," said Grousbeck. "They were the topic of conversation with the calls coming into us, because people thought maybe we weren’t going to keep it together this spring -- that maybe it was time to start to rebuild more aggressively.

"Look at the young kids we’ve got -- we’ve got [Avery] Bradley, we’ve got [Jared] Sullinger coming back, [Rajon] Rondo coming back -- they are coming off surgery, but we think they are going to be alright. We’re starting to load up a little bit younger, Courtney Lee is a younger guy; obviously Jeff Green. There’s a core there building. So do you start to add a couple more pieces to it as Paul and KG reach the end of their careers? That’s going to happen at some point, it didn’t happen this week."

"We did not receive good enough offers to make any moves last week," said Grousbeck. "The deals just weren’t there. There was some things that were interesting, and other teams pulled out and fell through -- one was a four-team complicated trade, with all sorts of guys moving around, and we were thinking about it. Then we got the call that two of the other teams -- who we weren't even talking to, they were just also involved; they weren’t really our contact -- they had both pulled out. It just happens that way. We didn’t have the deals to do."

Why would the Celtics take a deal for Brooke Lopez,and some other guy for Paul Pierce, and really the same for KG. The Clippers offered some solid young talent. But when you dice it up,and examine what the Celtics would get in return for two older hall of fame players. The deal wouldn't make the Celtics contenders next season even when Rondo returns next season. You could say that Danny could have collected a bunch of young talent to turn those players into a big star, or a franchise type player, or players. Danny did the right thing in the end. He didn't mess up the Celtics mystique of loyalty. Danny has collected good young talent as it is. Danny's challenge will be getting a star player to go along with Rondo after Paul,and KG retire. They have great role players, and Green,and Bradley haven't even shown their full potential,and Sully is a wild card.

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Reply C'slife
2:12 AM on February 27, 2013 
I like what we have now,and going forward. No big deals needed.
Reply paul
7:10 AM on February 27, 2013 
To me, these fans clamoring for a big trade are crazy, acting as though the Celtics mystique doesn't count for anything.
Reply Franklin
11:20 AM on February 27, 2013 
paul says...
To me, these fans clamoring for a big trade are crazy, acting as though the Celtics mystique doesn't count for anything.

My feeling on it Paul. Most of the fans could be young,and so their a bit inpatient. Or they're new fans to the Celtics after the big trade in 2007. Of course not all of those fans can be lumped into that category, but my thoughts on some.