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Latest Rumors: Rondo safe, but Celtics open to deal Lee,Bradley, and Fab

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 20, 2013 at 1:05 PM

It's been reported that Celtics Gm Danny Ainge has made it clear to Rondo's agent that he's not being moved by the trade deadline.

Sam Amick @sam_amick Agent for Rajon Rondo, Bill Duffy, tells USAT that Boston GM Danny Ainge assured him today the Celtics PG won't be traded. Story to come.

Ken Berger @KBergCBS I'm told the "right deal" for Rondo would be: Dwight Howard, Chris Paul or a massive haul of assets like Denver got for Melo. Not happening.

Danny is off the hook on this one, because nobody would trade for Rondo at this point. Just not happening. I think Rondo will have to deal with Rumors for his entitre tenure in Boston. Because of the history surrounding Ainge.

In other rumors.


"In pursuit of guard help, the Celtics have made rookie center Fab Melo available in trade offers, league sources tell Y! Sports.

In offering Melo, Boston’s trying to preserve control of future picks and its current rotation to fortify for this season."


"To get Boston’s Avery Bradley, the Wolves would have to sacrifice Derrick Williams and a future first-round pick, according to a league source. That’s not happening.

Another name to keep an eye on are Boston’s Courtney Lee, whom Adelman likes, according to a team source. Lee played for Adelman in Houston.

But another team source said the Wolves were not inclined to offer a four-year deal, which Boston eventually did, when they talked with Lee’s representative last summer. In other words, the contract could bother the Wolves."


The Celtics are active, in some form. Do know what yet.




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Reply paul
2:04 PM on February 20, 2013 
This time i don't blame Danny for the rumors. I'm sorry to say that Rondo put himself in this position, with his stubborn refusal to make key changes to his game, on defense and on offense. But what I'd really like to see from Danny is a flat out commitment to building around Rondo. And if I were Danny, I'd making leaving Red Bull a condition on that for Rondo. No more Red Bull star turns, Rondo. You focus on the team. Are you on the Celtics team, or are you on the Red Bull team? Keep doing The Rock, Rondo, but otherwise, let Red Bull know that you are NO LONGER AVAILABLE. And if Rondo won't make that commitment, I'd trade him. We need to know where your heart is, Rajon. If it's with stardom, go chase your dreams elsewhere. If it's with great basketball, we want you in Celtics Green forever.

As for Bradley, I think he put himself on the tracing bloc by badmouthing Rondo. I wonder if Danny gets it that there were some folks on this team who for some reason thought it was ok for them to hold off giving their all until Rondo went down, and if there was someone who was secretly looking for the chance to step up into Rondo's role... and avery, if you are going to taunt the team's best player on twitter for being roasted by the best scoring pg in the league, you'd better not get roasted twice in a row by a pretty good one.
Reply Laker hater
4:49 PM on February 20, 2013 
Sadly Rondo won't leave Red Bull, most players take the endorsements. I think Danny pulls off a trade that makes Rondo happy, and that helps the now. Which could be someone like Josh Smith.
Reply paul
5:10 PM on February 20, 2013 
Laker hater says...
Sadly Rondo won't leave Red Bull, most players take the endorsements. I think Danny pulls off a trade that makes Rondo happy, and that helps the now. Which could be someone like Josh Smith.

I basically mean that he needs to put Red Bull on the back burner, WELL on the back burner. If Rondo wants a team to commit to him, he needs to commit too. What's more important? The bright lights? Or basketball?