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Celtics Morning Joe: Bass thinks second unit is ready to shine

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 21, 2012 at 6:30 AM

All of us wanted something more from the bench all season long. It seemed like Danny, and the Celtics scrambled around looking for a replacement for Green. MP came in, and did a fine job. At times, Bradley played on the bench, and so did Bass. But both players became key members of the starting unit. Because as you know the Celtics had injuries to Allen, and the Celtics lost JO, and Wilcox for the season. The goal was to have Ray as the 6th man, but with him in, and out of the lineup, it really didn't pan out. Than as Rat returned in the second round of the playoffs. Bradley was gone for the season. So Ray was back in the starting lineup. Bass had touched on this about the bench.

“After the injuries went down to Jeff Green and [Chris] Wilcox, I think that our second group didn’t really get too much consistently,” Bass said. “We had times, even in the playoffs, where our second group played big for us, but I think we need a more consistent effort from the second group and I think that’s what we’re going to get this year.”

With a bench of Green, Terry, and Lee right now. Plus Wilcox! How can the Celtics have scoring droughts again? This bench should be very consistent. This could be the best bench, and deepest team in the KG, Pierce, and Rondo era. Danny still needs to round out the bench, and roster. I think this could be the hundredth time that I mention Dooling, but get it done. I think the Celtics may need another big man. Just in case Sullinger isn't ready. But it seems like the Celtics have a lot of trust in Jared already. I do, but to be on the safe side, the C's need to add a big. 

With Terry on the bench, I expect so much. How about you?

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Reply GeeZeeCeltics
7:34 AM on July 21, 2012 
I find it very ironic and funny that you misspelled Ray as Rat in one place. Talk about coincidences!

You know, there's been something I've wondered about in recent days. The SG logjam seems a problem and eerily similar to 2010 when we had Shaq, Perk and Jermaine as our centers. Perk was injured, and until then, Shaq and JO manned the middle. Perk came back and was traded. Can y'all find an analogy with Bradley, Terry and Lee? Anyway, that's just something that concerns me and may be unfounded. Just a thought, because neither Terry nor Lee is a point. Bradley isn't either.

If Doc figures the minute distribution out, we will have a LETHAL bench. Attack Miami at it's greatest weakness.
Reply paul
8:23 AM on July 21, 2012 
Rat is the right word!

And so is "lethal". I agree, our bench will be lethal. I do think Rondo will play with the second unit a lot. it almost approaches having two starting units.

I don't think we had a logjam at center, GeeVee. In fact, I think that's precisely what we did NOT have. I think that Danny's original plan worked to perfection. By the time the O'Nei(a)ls began to fade, Perk was back. Had Danny stuck with that plan, we would have gone into the playoffs with a powerful center position. Teams would have had to face Perkins starting, JO coming off the bench, and Shaq giving some minutes hopefully as the playoffs wore on. These guys would not have achieved mind-blowing statistics, but they would have controlled the paint better than any other team in the league, which in turn would have freed the other guys to play aggressively on the perimeter. Now the guys on the perimeter have to control the perimeter in order to try to protect the paint . See the difference?

But Ainge abandoned his original plan and went for his brilliant 'blow up the team on the verge of the playoffs plan, in hopes that Jeff Green will turn into Michael Jordan overnight' plan. There is no GM better than Good Danny. There is no GM crazier than Bad Danny.

This summer, I think Good Danny regained control...
Reply Shawn Cassidy
8:40 AM on July 21, 2012 
I can miss spell a word from time to time. But when I did that, I let it go. Lol
Reply Birdman33
8:50 AM on July 21, 2012 
The plan in 2011, failed. But the idea of so many bigs was perfect. We lost to the three headed monster at the time,because of lack of rebounding, So Danny went out and got the two best bigs to come in. He did it to hold the fort up until Perk came back,and he did it for insurance. It just back fired,and of course Danny shipped out Green. What Danny should have done was ship out JO. If he could have.
Reply Franklin
11:04 AM on July 21, 2012 
They should score 40 points a night right?