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What are Celtic fans thinking: Bradley vs Allen edition

Posted by shawn cassidy on April 4, 2012 at 9:00 AM

I usually do this column after the games, but  with the big storm of who should start Bradley or Allen. I had to do a post.

and to think that many here are patting doc for a marvelous job he has done....I THINK NOT!!! He was virtually forced to start AB by default which yielded us very good and encouraging results.

And now here we are back to being Old and Slow again….double AAARRRRGGGHHH

   by  bopna - Celticsblog

Doc will need to cover up his tracks if he falls on his face about his decision. Doc was given a golden opportunity here, and  hedecided to hide in his shell about this. Reports have said that Ray is okay coming off the bench. So what's the problem? Doc is scared of the veterans sometimes, if not all the time. The Celtics will be old even if Ray is off the bench, but they can still utlize their speed right out of the gates with Bradley.

fwiw, Bradley has been playing good/great d all year, its his o that has dramatically improved But yeah I vote for Bradley to start. The lack of effort our guys show at times is gone when we start Bradley Rondo PP Bass KG. Maybe because with Bass’s improvement every one is a solid defender. Hey it is what it is: we have been WAY better defensively with Bradley and we have started faster. Those are things we want. Id bring Ray off the bench. Its no demotion in my mind, Id still have Ray in at the end of the game, almost always

by wahz-Celticsblog

I agree. The great starts have been off the charts! The team has just changed, and I think Rondo is also being under looked on this. Paul pointed it out yesterday in Rondology.  Rondo will hurt from this, and Rondo has also been a great teacher to Bradley.

don't be like francona, doc …do what’s best for the team, and that means starting bradley. ray gets paid a lot of money to play ball according to doc’s instructions.

if rivers is going to make decisions based on nepotism/fear of his own players, then he shouldn’t coach this team. francona played the nice guy for too long and it destroyed the red sox. i hope doc doesn’t follow the same path.

by Kraidstar-Celticsblog

I'm not a die hard Sox fan, but I know the problems that Francona had. Doc seems to falling into the same trap. He shouldn't allow any player to put fear into his coaching decisions.

I think it was Legler on ESPN who made a good point Tim Legler said something along the lines of: Ray should start. Otherwise he will tighten up on the bench because he is older. If he starts he can get warm during warm-ups and it will be easier on his body.

Plus, Ray is such a creature of habit (OCD, perhaps?) that any change for such a short time may not yield the desired result.

by JAM-Celticsblog

Legler for the most part has been a pro Celtics media type. But I disagree with him. He's just  protecting Ray.

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Reply Franklin
10:22 AM on April 4, 2012 
I was surprised to so many fans actually want to see Bradley start.