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Celtics Morning Joe: Has Rondo lost trust?

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 28, 2012 at 7:30 AM

  Trust is earned,but once violated, it's difficult to regain. Ainge violated Rondo's trust in the off season, and it continues to run the Celtics off the road. Who do you trust if your Rondo? I would hope it would be his team, but I wish personally to  see more from his team. Rondo can't trust his GM, and that's the saddest part. 

You trust with your mind. You trust with your heart. You trust with honor.You trust with pride.You trust with expectations. The expectations are simple. If your told one thing, it must hold up. But is putting trust in someone worth it?

If Rondo remains after the deadline. What does that mean for him,and his future? Does he stay here for the remainder of his career? Does he stay for a year, or two? The realtionship between Rondo, and Ainge is unclear at this moment. We are given the company line, and for some that might be enough, but I still want more.

To some Rondo is the best pure point guard in the leage, and some think he's hanging on tot he big three. Rondo is an NBA champion. Rondo was also the ring leader in 2010 when the Celtics had their magical run to the finals. . Without Rondo, the Celtics go down to the Cavs in the second round. People want numbers, but Rondo is better than that. This season he looks better, and his 30 point explosions have been the true sign. Despit the C's losing fthose games. Rondo has improved, but his team hasn't answered the call with him. The trust level right now is at a all-time low, and if nothing happens. Danny needs to repair his realtionship with Rondo.

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Reply paul
7:43 AM on February 28, 2012 
In my opinion, Ainge has wrecked trust. The way he always keeps the Ainge Express humming shows disloyalty. The Perkins trade was a betrayal. The shameless lying as he shopped Rondo around surely brought trust to an alltime low.

Rondo has to find something, or someone, to trust. But what? Doc tells him 'it's your team', and then tells him to give the ball to Pierce, or seems to do so. His teammates don't have his back in any way. Watching guys stand around instead of moving to spots and slashing when Rondo attacks, and then paying no attention when guys mug him - who wants to play with a team that is obviously undercutting everything you do? I have no idea what I would do if I were in Rondo's shoes. His game is built around teamwork and passing.

I just don't see him being here much longer.
Reply Franklin
10:34 AM on February 28, 2012 
TRUST is broken yes, but it will take time to heal,if Rondo stays.
Reply paul
11:38 AM on February 28, 2012 
time is something no one seems to be allowing for right now
Reply Celticslifer
12:50 PM on February 28, 2012 
Everyone wants everything now! They want youth now! Trades now!! So dumb Paul, why can't fans relax?
Reply paul
2:26 PM on February 28, 2012 
Celticslifer says...
Everyone wants everything now! They want youth now! Trades now!! So dumb Paul, why can't fans relax?

Too much fantasy sports leagues - that's part of my theory. What do you think?
Reply Celticslifer
2:47 PM on February 28, 2012 
For sure Paul, NBAtv has a dumb show built around that. They promote it.