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Bass could be the missing piece

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 26, 2011 at 7:15 PM

In the preseason we caught a glimpse of Bass,and we knew he was a special player off the Celtics bench. If you think of the past couple of seasons the Celtics haven't had a big like Bass. With Perk we had the big force inside that was the enforcer inside. He was okay on offense,and he would score when the chance was there. With Wallace he was much older,and he wasn't motivated in the regular season,and he was a volume three-point shooter by the time the Celtics had him. When Wallace went on the block it was an art. Then we had Powe who had great games as a Celtic. He's the closest player to Bass that the Celtics had off the bench that provided inside scoring,and rebounding. Baby was good of course,but he's nothing close to Bass. Brown in his short time with the Celtics provided a lot of what Bass has,but Brown was older as well. The O'neal brothers also much older,and we know the ending to the story of Shaq in Boston. JO is over paid,but he's coming around,and he's giving us a defensive presence that's needed. His health is a concern,but if he stays close to 100% then it's a plus without question.



As for Bass he gave the Celtics a 20/11 game off the bench. He's no center so I hate to compare him to Perk. But his impact could be the same as Perk in a different way,and maybe more productive. Bass can score inside,and from the outside,and he works hard on the glass,and on the offensive glass. Something that's been lacking in Boston for  a long time. Bass seems like he's already fitting in perfectly. I think most forgot about Bass after he signed with the Magic. Bass had a breakout year with the Mavs,and when he signed with the Magic he suffered an injury. He never found a role in Orlando,and the chemistry was never their with him,and Dwight. In Boston Bass is needed,and it's showing. The Celtics lost scoring off the bench when Green was announced done for the season,and we thought how will the Celtics score off the bench? Bass is the answer,and even more when Pietrus comes to Boston. You have an inside/outside combination their when both come off the bench. I have high hopes for Bass. He's only 26,and he seems like a great piece with Rondo,and especially if he can be a 20/10 guy. Rondo,and Bass showed me something yesterday that gives me hope this season. If you want to compare the Heat to the Celtics. I still believe the Celtics have an upper hand at point guard. If you look at the front court the Celtics have a better front court perhaps,but the Heat won't be able to push their way inside. Bass can be the Haslem stopper,and KG I hope can still take care of Bosh. Then for the Celtics JO,and Wilcox are better than any other bigs from Miami. It's a long season,and will see where it all fits tomorrow when the Celtics take on the Heat. If Pierce doesn't play tomorrow I won't put a lot into tomorrows game.


In conclusion Bass could be the biggest trade of the season outside of the Paul deal to LA. It seems like a hidden gem that Danny pulled off. It was the kind of deal that Danny should have focused on,and he did. If you thought Rondo was motivated with the Paul trade. Maybe Bass was motivated when the Celtics wanted West. If Bass continues his play then West is an after thought.


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Reply Franklin
8:09 PM on December 26, 2011 
I agree. I hope he can give us at least 12/6 off the bench. He seems motivated with Rondo.
Reply Perry S
8:11 PM on December 26, 2011 
Tomorrow won't matter. The last three games count in April.
Reply paul
12:46 AM on December 27, 2011 
It was just one game, but that did not look like a mirage to me. Bass looked like a dream. He dug for offensive rebounds. He seemed to have a great feel for the basket, both in the paint and spotting up for jumpers. He seemed to already have a great rapport with Rajon. It was just one game, but he looked for real.