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Celtics Morning Joe: NBA owners to discuss lockout plans

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 17, 2011 at 7:00 AM


Antitrust attorney David Boies, who is leading the players’ suit, wants the owners to negotiate a new labor deal through him.

For several reasons, it won’t be easy to get the owners to move quickly toward re-engaging the new leadership of the players. Many owners believed Stern had gone too far with the league’s final proposal to the union and were privately wishing for the players to reject the offer so they could thrust upon the players a far more rigid “reset” deal.

Also, Stern and many owners have such a visceral and personal disdain for players attorney Jeffrey Kessler, whom they blame for the breakdown in talks and eventual move toward the “disclaimer of interest” filing. Kessler drew the ire of Stern and the owners for saying the owners were treating the players like “plantation workers” in an interview with The Washington Post – a comment for which Kessler later apologized. Stern responded by saying Kessler “has been the single most divisive force in our negotiations” and by calling Kessler’s conduct “routinely despicable.”


The owners I'm sure wanted the players to reject the deal. Most of the owners are in the business of not being owners of basketball teams. Yes they own their teams,but truly they act like it's an actual industry that you tear apart,and bleed it dry of all resources. I think some of the owners should face a board. Why not question them? Should they own teams at all? Take it to the owners. I want the players to play hardball at this point. They need to keep a clear mind,and goal from here on out.



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Reply paul
8:02 AM on November 17, 2011 
I agree with this, Shawn. The players need to take an entirely different approach. They need to fight back. They've passively taken a beating to this point. Time to fight back. And notice that the owners have never been shy during this process about resetting their demands lower and lower.

As for the owners, if they really want to pretend this is all just a business, then let them give back the stadiums the public helped finance, let them take the names of the cities they supposedly represent off their jerseys, and so on. That's the reset that should really happen, if the owners persist with their selfishness. How many families have bought season tickets generation after generation now, because to them the local team was a community tradition, NOT JUST A BUSINESS?

Fine. If you want to be just a business, then you give up all the public perks. How will you run your 'business', owners, when the stands are empty unless you are a top team? When you have to play in a shed? When you aren't routinely even mentioned in the local sports pages? When there aren't umpteen radio shows and tv shows and blog sites about you? WHEN NO ONE CARES? How will you run your business then?
Reply Franklin
10:48 AM on November 17, 2011 
Yeah I agree also. Why not face a board? Why should the owners keep a team that they can't even hold up.
Reply paul
11:23 AM on November 17, 2011 
Franklin says...
Yeah I agree also. Why not face a board? Why should the owners keep a team that they can't even hold up.

And let there be players on that board. Give players a say. It really gets to me that Stern is supposedly the caretaker for the good of basketball, when in fact he's nothing but a stooge for the owners.
Reply paul
5:26 PM on November 17, 2011 
Hunter, of all people, is talking about a new players' league!