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My new slogan? When in doubt,blame Lebron?

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 17, 2011 at 3:35 AM

Clearly it's not James fault for the lockout,and it goes beyond James. I give him around 2% of the blame for some major issues with the lockout., We know Lebron crushed the heart,and dreams of his hometown Cleveland fans,and if you think about it. He did to every small market team thinking they have a shot at a player like Lebron. The lockout would be  apart of our lives even if Lebron stayed in Cleveland,but it didn't help some of the minor issues that have put the NBA out in the cold for the winter. But again it's a tiny percent of the problem. You have the Bird rights,and hopefully that stays around,but will we see a rule about Lebron?I always love talking smack about Lebron though.

Here is some of ESPN's blame game:

2. Who is fourth-most to blame for the failure to agree on a new CBA?

Devin Kharpertian, Nets Are Scorching: If you signed any of the following to his current contract: Travis Outlaw, Amir Johnson, Joe Johnson, Al Harrington, Joel Anthony, Troy Murphy, Gilbert Arenas, Rashard Lewis, Elton Brand, Samuel Dalembert, Darko Milicic, DeSagana Diop and, of course, Eddy Curry. You caused this mess, and now you want the system to fix your mistakes.

Matt Moore, Hardwood Paroxysm: David Stern. Stern is painted as the malevolent dictator, but in reality he's simply lost control of his owners. It's his duty to watch over the league and see to its best interests. Allowing this cadre of hard-line owners to join the league and push his influence to the margins is a black mark on his legacy.

Brian Robb, CelticsHub: Jeffrey Kessler. Any time you throw around venomous language in a contentious public negotiation, you run the risk of irreparable harm. That may have been exactly what Kessler did with his "plantation workers" comments last week. An apology was issued, but the toxic talk likely helped lead us to the standstill the sides are at now.

Jared Wade, 8 Points, 9 Seconds: Etan Thomas, Marko Jaric, Dan Gadzuric, DeSagana Diop and all the other middling veterans who have made quadruple what they're worth while bringing nearly no production or marketability to their franchises. They're multimillionaires but no one wants to see these guys play -- except the bona fide players on the other side of the ball who steal their lunch money every night.

Michael Wallace, ESPN.com: Carmelo James. Or does it sound better as LeBron Anthony? Either way you slice it, the way LeBron and Carmelo went about their transition business recently has certainly added to the angst and bitterness that is at the core of disagreement on "system" issues. Make no mistake, we'd probably still be here regardless of where James and Anthony ended up. But it would be naive and foolish to believe that the way they abandoned the teams that drafted and groomed them didn't inspire demands for tighter restrictions on player movement.


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Reply paul
7:40 AM on November 17, 2011 
How can anyone blame Lebron and Anthony? I don't get it. For sure, these guys appear to be prize idiots, especially Lebron, but that's not what the owners don't like about them. What the owners don't like about them is that they are controlling their own lives and careers, and by doing this, the NBA as well. But that's how it should be - it's their talent that makes the NBA what it is.

They are being used as scapegoats. That said, the players need to take steps to offer the public another face to represent basketball players than Lebron. Lebron's monumentally selfish demeanor, and obsession with dunking, sends exactly the wrong messages about the players to fans and to the public.
Reply Franklin
10:51 AM on November 17, 2011 
I love blaming Lebron. It's become a national past time. This is not his fault though.
Reply paul
11:26 AM on November 17, 2011 
Franklin says...
I love blaming Lebron. It's become a national past time. This is not his fault though.

Lebron is such a jerk, but really, as such he is a product of the system that takes talented athletes and overprivileges them (while under privileging other young people), making them feel like kings, feeding their egos. At the end of the day, he is a brilliant player who clearly really does love the game.

But the players would do well to counterbalance the ugly face he puts on the public image of basketball players. There are a lot of folks in the NBA who are loaded with talent and character.