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30 Teams In 30 Nights- Golden State Warriors

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 7, 2011 at 2:45 AM

  • The Warriors finished 36-46 in 2011,and they placed 12th in the West

First I follow the Warriors outside of watching my beloved Celtics. I'm not a fan of  trading Monta Ellis. I haven't seen a deal that would change the Warriors,or make them any better. Monta Ellis is one of the best scorers in the league,and you can't find that everyday,and he's an outstanding defensive player. The Warriors are not known for defense,but Ellis has been one of the leagues best in steals. I think people have a wrong perception on Ellis. He can grow with a team,and Ellis improves every season.


The duo of Curry,and Ellis saw major leaps in year two with the duo. It showed at the start of the 2010-11 season. The Warriors started the season 7-2,but once David Lee hurt his elbow it was all down hill for the Warriors. The Warriors had a respectful season though. They won ten more games than the previous season. Curry showed a steady increase of growth with the Warriors,and the back court duo works right now. In NBA history a small back court has worked. Isiah,and Dumars in the 80's is one example.


The issue is up front. The Warriors addressed some front court issues when they signed David Lee in the summer of 2010. Lee isn't a huge name,and he's not the greatest power forward in the game,but he works as hard as anyone on the floor. He's got some good numbers. He reminds me of a better Troy Murphy,and a little younger as well. Lee might be paid a little too much,but he may earn his money. It's too early to decide if he won't fit in Golden State. I think Lee is a good step for the Warriors. Lee might not be the front court savior,but maybe they can develop someone,or they can shop around in the free agent market.


Now let's get to the real stuff. I'm not happy about the coach. I was disappointed by the singning of Marc Jackson. I couldn't stand him on ABC,and I didn't see eye to eye on many topics discussed between him and Gundy. He's a rookie coach,and that's scary in its self,but with his awful view on the game. Count me in as worried.The Warriors have also wanted an athletic small forward. The idea of trading Ellis for Iggy from Philly would be a mistake. The Warriors fall into the tweener bracket. I think they fall short for a playoff spot next year. So much would have to go right. I think they need one more player up front to have any chance next season.


The contract of Biedrins is the weak link in Golden state,and why did Mullins do that? He's been disappointing,and it;s been a major waste of money. I like the player,but for less money. Overall the Warriors are close,but don't trade Ellis.


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