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Pierce vs James: Celtics,and Cavs meet for one more time

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 22, 2011 at 1:25 PM

Locked outside of your car because you left the keys in. That's how I felt about the 2010 season. Until the Celtics put together a solid series against Miami in the first round. In game one of that series we saw the Celtics that coasted after the 23-5 start. The Cavs,and Celtics would meet up once again in the second round,but the stage was different. This time the Cavs had the best record,and home court. This series took my emotions to another place. The Celtics gave me stomach pains all season long,but the way this series started it looked like James would finally get the best of Pierce,and the Celtics.


Game one was a cluster of mistakes in the final quarter by the Celtics. It was their for the taking,but the Celtics fell into old habits. Game two was a blessing. It was nice to have a game that wasn't close in the final half. The Cleveland crowd was stunned,and so was I. was stunned because I knew this series wasn't one-sided as the media though it was. Well in game three in Boston. All of my insecurites came flooding in. The Celtics lost badly,and badly isn't a  strong enough word for the beating in-game three. It was over in the first quarter. James looked so hungry in this game,and ready to steal the crown from the league. In game four Rondo took this team,and it was now his team. He made it clear on this Sunday afternoon. He pulled off a triple double,and the series was tied 2-2.


The series shifted back to Cleveland,and Lebron had elbow gate over his head at this point. In game five the Celtics routed the Cavs in a way some would never have thought it was possible. The beating was on,and the Celtics did it with pleasure. James took a lot of heat after the game. The Celtics took a 3-2 series lead,and the underdog was one win away from an upset. The Cavs franchise had a huge cloud over their entire season with Lebron becoming a free agent. This series didn't have a classic duel. This series wasn't even about Pierce,and James like it was in 2008. This was all about the Celtics as a team,and  James falling apart when it mattered most. James put together a solid effort in-game six,but the Celtics ran with this one. It was a close game in the first half,but the Celtics would charge ahead in the later part of the third,and it never got to close for the Celtics. They ended the James era in Cleveland,and the feud would reach a all-time high as James went to Miami.


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