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Looking past the 2011-2012 season- Celtics locked and loaded in 2013

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 4, 2011 at 2:29 AM

To steal this from one of the greatest song writers of all time.


You may say that I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us(Dwight Howard)

And the world will be as one( The Celtics will remain title contenders)

That's a part from the John Lennon classic Imagine. I'm a dreamer when it comes to Dwight Howard. He's the biggest free agent  the Celtics will see after they have cap space in 2012,and Dwight is the best center in the game,and it's a dyeing breed now. I have brought up Dwight Howard many times,but this will be different.


Why would Dwight want Boston? He would play with the greatest passer in the game Rondo. Look how Rondo,and Shaq bounced off of each other. Rondo,and Howard would play better together,and that's because Dwight's in his prime.


Boston will have a better future than Orlando. Nelson maxed his ability,and he's a good point guard,but he's lost in the mix because of the stock pile of great point guards in the NBA. The Magic have Gilbert Arenas,and his massive contract. The Celtics will have cap space,and  the Celtics have one of the top five point guards in the league,and if Rondo developes a jump shoot he's simply number one.


This comment sparked this in my mind.

ESPN Insider examines Dwight Howard as part of its ongoing 2012 free agent profiles. Kevin Pelton pegs the Celtics as one of a few potential best fits for Howard: "By contrast, the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers or New Jersey Nets could build around Howard's skills. While they would need to add spot-up shooters like the Magic boast to keep defenses honest, those teams all could offer a creator on the perimeter to either work the pick-and-roll with Howard or take over games down the stretch when Howard's poor free throw shooting is an issue."


When I read that paragraph I think of a few things. Let's start with the teams on the list. Okay Lakers nation I don't see Howard in the purple and gold. First he doesn't want to step into Shaq's legacy,and hell you are looking at two past centers that have huge shoes to fill. Kareem,and Wilt past Laker legends. The second thing about the Lakers. How can they afford him? Even if they trade Bynum how does the money work to give Dwight a top contract? The new CBA will be tough,and I'm not sure how strict it will be,but I believe it will be too tough to bring Dwight to LA.

The Celtics have great centers in past decades,but  with Russell nobody can live up to his greatness,and everyone gets that. Dwight can build his own legacy in Boston. He will compete with past great teams from the 70's,and 80's for title rings.  The Celtics have a winning legacy,and who doesn't want to be apart of the most storied franchise in NBA history. As for New Jersey they might be closer to the big apple,and they might have a great point guard,but do they have a winning tradition?


Let's talk about surrounding Dwight with shooters,and some added depth. Well the Celtics will have Paul Pierce in 2013,and he's one of the best shooters in the game,and he's a good spot up three-point shooter. Yes he will be a year older,and yes that could be Paul's last season. What if Ray Allen signs for a home town discount,and he comes off the bench for 25 minutes a night,and he will still have his deadly shooting. If Green is a Celtic in 2013. He can shoot the ball behind the three-point line at a good rate. Jeff Green isn't a future go to guy,but as a third or fourth option down the line that would be great for the Celtics. We could also see KG   play one more season,and  he could give us that emotional,and spiritual leader,and he can give us solid bench play at the  four,or he could still start.


The Celtics stand as the front-runner besides the Magic. The potential the Celtics can give,and with Rondo,and the possible re-signing of Ray,and KG for one more year could intrigue Howard. Also the cap space the Celtics will have in 2012,and in 2013 could give the Celtics money to build around Rondo,and Howard. Call me a dreamer,but  I just want more,and more titles.



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Reply paul
10:08 AM on August 4, 2011 
I don't think you are a dreamer. I think this is very possible. But Danny needs to commit to Rondo. Rondo is the key to all this. I find it unfathomable that Ainge continues, it seems, to play games about this. Hell, I could see Rondo being someone who could be player-coach, joining Rivers on the bench as an assistant coach. He's got a special insight into the game. Danny needs to stop being cute about this. If Howard comes here, make no mistake, it will be to play with Rondo.