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Ainge talks about the roster, and the second half of the season

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 20, 2014 at 1:05 AM

Danny Ainge has certainly been working overtime since June of 2013. He's made move after move, and the end game is brining the Celtics back to title contention. Danny is fortunate that he has an ownership group that allows him to build a team that will cost them in their wallets. The Celtics when they contended paid for talent, and they were luxury tax offenders every year. 

Danny doesn't shy away from taking a risk or two, and his track record of building a championship team is legit. It's a broken record around this site, and many other sites. But Danny has a stock room full of picks, and a safe full of cash in future years. All of that is because Danny has made trade after trade. The important thing so far is that Danny hasn't messed with the core.

Ainge has this team way under the cap when Rondo is up for free agency in 2015. The Celtics will be committed to 19 million is cap, with Gerald Wallace on his last year worth 10 million. I wouldn't be surprised if Danny moves him by then. Honestly he may just be more valuable for this team. Danny spoke with CSNNE during the Magic game, and here are some key points from the interview.


DA: "I won't talk about that. It's not fair to the players. We're trying to evaluate all the players and see who we want going forward. And that's probably the biggest thing; who fits the core group of guys, who coach Stevens likes, how they all fit."


DA: "Just get better; just try to get everybody individually better, collectively better. That's what I'm looking at. How the guy's play, how hard they play. How well they play together, and how each player is developing."

Who will be safe on this team? It's hard to predict that with Ainge behind the bus. He could turn the wheel in an istant, and drive the bus through a building. If I had a guess, Rondo is the guy that Danny is building around. Sully is a keeper, and so is Bradley. Outside of those three, I think anyone could be moved. Even Olynyk, or Green. If it leads to a bigger deal, then those guys are out. I'm not a writter who likes to feed speculation. Sometimes I feel like doing it, just for argument sake.

I do believe Green and Olynyk are on Danny's keep list, but on the bottom of that list. One thing that I always give Danny credit for is his want to keep the championship legacy alive with this team. To be fair, most GM's want to. But Danny has a real want to win, don't you remember Danny as a player? Ainge is very competive, and winning at every level is what he wants.

With the Celtics sinking faster and faster in the standings. The Celtics will likely get a lottery pick. They haven't tanked games, and frankly they could be and should be close to .500. If you add up how many times the Celtics lost by a couple of points, or how many times they dropped 4th quarter leads, the Celtics would certaintly be one of the best in a weak Eastern Conference.

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Reply celtsfan
11:15 AM on January 20, 2014 
I think your pretty spot on with this. Danny will move one more player for sure this year. i still feel like Bass will be moved. This team will be so much better next year.