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The talkin' box score: Los Angeles Lakers - Boston Celtics 107-104

Posted by Morena on January 19, 2014 at 4:25 AM

Record: 14-27


The result of this game is really not the most important thing of last night.

Yeah, I wanted to win against the Lakers, but it was a really emotional night, and while I read that the Lakers spoiled Rondo’s night, I believe that nothing could spoil Rondo’s return last night.


The game was a pretty balanced one: the Celtics had the biggest lead of 13 points at one point in the game, but the Lakers shot the ball pretty well, finishing with a 50% from the field and a 60% from behind the three point line (exactly twice the Celtics percentage).

We stayed in the game taking good care of the ball, committing less than ten turnovers for the second night in a row.


Another thing that will go unnoticed in last night game, is Kelly’s career night: 25 points on 11for17 shooting, 7 assists and rebounds. That’s a really great all-around game. And from now on, for Kelly it will be even more interesting: I think he will go on with his up and down rookie season, but Rondo can be a true blessing for him; at last he’s going to make things a lot easier for Kelly. It will take some time for the two of them to really connect, but with Rondo’s ability to find everyone when they’re open, it’s gonna be easier that with any other point guard. We’ll see a lot of botched passes, but a lot of good buckets as well!!


To confirm this, just look at Humphries shooting performance: he scored 2 points on 1for4 from the field, and those two points came off of a beautiful bounce pass from Rondo. When you’re struggling shooting the ball, he’s gonna find a way to let you score.


Second chance, another really good game from Pressey. Phil scored his first points since December, and he finished once again with no turnover. In two games, 19 assists and no turnovers. As I said many times, I love pass first point guard, and Phil being right that, I think he can really help the ball movement of the team. Stevens is right: there are guys that thrive in certain situations, and Phil is making the best out of the opportunity that has been given to him.


Wallace earned a couple of lines with a really good performance off the bench: 14 points on 6for8 shooting, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, to go with three steals and a couple of blocks. Our starters struggled shooting the ball, and our bench is a big reason why we stayed in the game. Moreover, it’s nice to see such a high number of assists: after some games of hero-ball, we’re really back to play as a team.


Now Rondo.

I didn’t write for the blog the last time he played in a game, but still, I missed not having the chance to write about him. I still have to convince myself that he’s back; I was afraid I could suddenly wake up during the game last night. I shouldn’t even look at his numbers right now, but they were still pretty good: 8 points and 4 assists. What I like the most is the one turnover: I expected him to turn the ball over a little bit more, because he’s never played with most of the guys on the team. Instead, we’ve seen a rusty player that showed those flashes of brilliance that showed those flashes of brilliance that make you jump on your chair, and reminded everyone why we missed him so much.


Our season will still be a tough one, but the way I see it, we are like a ship in the middle of the sea during a storm, but someone just turned on the lighthouse on the coast. We’ll just have to follow the light.


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