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2013 Year in Review: Saying goodbye to Paul and Kevin

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 31, 2013 at 5:15 AM

Once Doc Rivers was traded, it came down to a matter of when Pierce and KG were going to be traded. From the start of the rumor, it was a package deal for the two future Hall of Famers. Trading Kevin was going to tough for the fact that he had the no trade clause. With some convincing from Pierce. Kevin Garnett waived his no trade clause and the deal was set. The "Big 3" era was over, and a Celtics great wouldn't retire a Celtic. The year 2013 could go down as one of those years. So much happened. It started with the worst news possible when the Celtics lost Rondo with a torn ACL.

The Celtics rallied behind Kevin and Paul for one last go. The run wasn't long in the 2013 playoffs. The Celtics entered the playoffs 41-40, and they looked to give a good fight to the Knicks. New York jumped out to a 3-0 series lead, and the Celtics looked ready for a sweep. With one last burst of energy, the Celtics climbed out of a 0-3 series to take the first round series to 6 games. Boston had one of the wildest runs in Celtics history in game six. They had an amazing 19-0 run in the 4th to climb back into the game. The Celtics couldn't pull off the miracle comeback in game six, and it ended up being the last game in which KG and Paul played in a Celtics uniform.

I felt like most of us said goodbye long before this final farewell. The Celtics were once a wonderful bright flower, with the pedals vibrant and full of life. When the pedals started to fall off one at a time. The time had come to throw the flower out. Each flower pedal represented the "Big 3" and Doc Rivers. A new flower has started to grow with Rondo being the flower that's blooming. The sun will set a million times over, and the moon will rise over the ocean. The world will go on as if nothing ever happened, but the memory will linger on.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have left an impression on all of us. There are points when I miss Garnett. I miss the intensity and passion that he had on every play, even if he didn't have it every night, he still wanted to give it his all. As for Pierce, all of us fell in love with Pierce for a reason or two. He was the franchise for nearly two decades, and he was the reason that the Celtics landed two talented guys in Ray and Kevin. Without Paul Pierce being the talent that he was. I believe Danny blows the team up, and I wold have to say we would be tied with the Lakers with 16 banners right now, and perhaps they have a three-peat considering the Celtics and Lakers played in 2008. If the Lakers win that, they would be the team with 17 banners.

As the red leaves blow down the street, the cold air has changed into an uncomfortable feeling. I slowly look down at my feet, the leaves are gone. A time for change is here. Winter has arrived, and autumn has ran it's course. Time always comes fast and swift, with little time to enjoy things that we love dearly.

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Reply Greg
10:19 AM on December 31, 2013 
Very good post. Nice poetic touch.
Reply paul
1:03 PM on January 1, 2014 
NOtice that of the three guys who left, the only one still starting is the one that was most willing to accommodate his game to Rondo's game. Such are the strange workings of the ego.