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2013 Year in Review: Doc's departure

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 28, 2013 at 5:45 AM

Trust is a very big word, and for many fans Doc Rivers broke their trust once he requested a trade this past summer. Depending who's telling the story, Doc would say that Danny offered the trade, but my gut tells me this was Doc's mission. He saw an opportunity, and he couldn't hold back.

Rivers acted true, like he really cared. I'm sure he did, or does to this day. How could he not have some love for Boston, and for the fans. Doc showed great respect to the Big Three, that's where his loyalty went. When it came to Rondo, that's when Doc bailed on the Celtics. The summer played out with a dance of words. Depending the time of day, you may have seen numerous headlines.

They may have read "Doc leaning towards Boston", and then "Doc deal not dead between Celtics and Clippers". It was a big circus over the summer, and it ended with Doc being traded to the Clippers. Doc's wish came true, he was coaching his dream point guard. Along the way the Celtics and Clippers talked about trading Kevin with Doc, but that was against league rules. I'm sure KG wished that deal happened right about now.

Rivers signed a 5 year extension in the summer of 2011, and with that, one would expect Doc staying for another rebuild with Rondo. Once reality hit Doc, the request was made. For years Doc hinted towards walking away from coaching to be with his family. But once he knew Danny's grand plan to rebuild around Rondo, Doc couldn't handle it. Doc is perhaps taking the easier road to a ring, but honestly Chris Paul hasn't been known for big playoff games, and the team is still a bit young.

Doc Rivers is long gone from Boston, but he is still fighting the perception that he abandoned the Celtics franchise. I've moved on from Doc as a fan, and I still haven't fully warmed up to him, but I let go of being mad. I wouldn't give him a big round of applause, but I won't hate on fans who will do that. I don't like Doc, I respect what he's done for the Celtics, and his moment in time with the Celtics will be special. I felt his departure was a jab at Rondo, so I can't really forgive Doc 100%.

Doc had a warm welcome this past month when he returned to Boston. The fans in the garden put it out there that the fans are over Doc's leaving. I'm over talking about it, but just like Ray, I feel like he turned his back on the Celtics. Maybe for reasons that I won't care to understand, but maybe one day I will fully let go.

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Reply paul
10:34 AM on December 29, 2013 
To me, Doc is a lot like Paul Pierce. There are two sides to him. One side is really loyal, and empathetic and even endearing. The other side is calculating, deceptive, selfish, etc.. We all have these sides to us, but some folks have it more than others. It's sort of human in a way, because deep down, I think those two guys left because they knew they had to get out of Rondo's way. So now Pierce, who never could quite climb to the top of the Celtics legend chart, has a chance to prove that he's bigger than the Celtics, while Doc has a chance to coach the pg he always wanted to coach, but the main thing is that they knew they couldn't take the next step with Rondo, so they left. Deep down, they tried to do the right thing in their own ways. RAy? He just did a punk move.