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Rebuilding the brotherhood

Posted by Morena on December 22, 2013 at 10:25 AM

There are always some busy days before holidays, and this year it’s been no exception.

Today, I finally had time to catch up with the last news and see the video about Rondo 5-on-5 scrimmage with all the related interviews.

I have two different feelings about all this situation. Or to say it better, my heart and my mind see it in different ways.


While I was looking at the video, with my stomach doing somersault, I had a lump in my throat. My heart reminded me of all the hard time that guy went through this year, and the Celtics fans with him. It’s no secret that Rondo is my favorite player, and it’s been really tough at the beginning. I couldn’t believe it at first, I cried when I realized what really happened, and then I went in some sort of basketball lethargy: I still followed the game, watched video, read article, rooted for the Celtics even if I was mad as hell towards some players, but I did that without my usual excitement. The rational part of me shut down my heart and took control. Looking at the scrimmage video, my mind finally let go of this iron grip on myself and everything went back to normal: to me, in some ways, it’s like he never left.

Like an animal that fall asleep during the autumn, when there are still leaves on the trees, and he wakes up in the spring with blossomed field. The landscape is different, green, but the animal didn’t see the snow, the cold days and the rebirth of the nature.


Heart and mind are working together once again, and it’s hard to describe the feelings that this situations brings. It’s not just happiness. It’s admiration, it’s pride, it’s love.

As Shawn wrote, my stomach turned a little bit when Rondo hit the ground, but I agree with Sully when he said that those moments are really helpful, because they teach that you can get back up, and they wipe away those mental boundaries that you unconsciously build after an injury. But there were also some exciting moment during those four-minutes video. What about that full court pass that Kelly struggled to control? He is clearly rusty, but he didn’t show any fear. I love how he seemed to instigate Pressey to attack, ready to compete. I missed those crazy moves, those no-look pass right on the target. My mind might have kept going, but my heart knew exactly what I was missing without this guy on the court.


And it’s been great to see all those guys out there willing to help him to get back in shape.

Honestly, I think that this extra training will be really help not only Rondo, but also most of the other guys: there are a lot of new faces on the team, and most of them are not used to play with a point guard like Rondo, and I’m sure they will have a hard time playing with him at first. In the video of the scrimmage Rondo threw a couple of passes to Kelly, but the rookie had some trouble controlling them. Wallace confirmed this saying that Rondo is gonna throw you the ball even when he just think you’re open. I think it’s a big adjustment compared to the other point guard.

I think the best line came from Sullinger after that scrimmage session:


“I want to make sure he’s 100 percent himself,” Sullinger said. “I want to make sure he’s confident, make sure that he understands that he can play this game again, and make sure that he’s 100 percent so there’s no minor setbacks.”


I re-read those lines at least ten times to make sure I got it right.

It must be amazing to hear your teammate say something like that and show everybody that he’s got your back. There was a brotherhood at the Celtics back in 2008 when we won the championship, but everything started to fall apart in 2011, and ended last summer. But we have the chance to build a new one, and the time is now. I still have some doubts about some of the guys that were already here last year, but so far, I love what the new guys are doing as far as chemistry. What Sully said shows that Rondo really won over his teammates, and now they’re ready to follow him.


Oh, those great passes. Can you imagine how many of them will meet the hands of Sully, Kelly, Bradley, and all the other guys? Right now I feel like a student on the last day of school, that is looking at the watch waiting on the bell. Time is winding down.


And everything looks a little brighter now.


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Reply paul
9:31 PM on December 22, 2013 
I think Sully sees the potential partner Rondo can be. Wallace seems to respect Rondo. It will interesting to see how the synergy developes, or does not. Lee looks to be a problem.
Reply NeCsFan
12:08 AM on December 23, 2013 
I really liked Wallace's comments. It made me think of a comment Rondo made when asked if it was true that he sometimes hit his teammates in the head with the ball if they didn't see the pass coming and Rondo replied "No, I hit them in the face." Wallace's comments seem to echo that sentiment. Like you better get used to thinking you are open all the time b/c he will find you. Seeing Kelly fumble those couple dishes was fun to watch (he was clearly caught off guard), but that - as well as Wallace's comments - was also a great reminder of how special of a player Rondo is. Those 4 minutes got me crazy excited! Can't wait to see him in action again!