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ESPN does a 5-on-5 tanking edition, of course the Celtics make the list

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 17, 2013 at 2:55 PM

This subject seems to be big this season. Not only are the Celtics one of those teams in the mix, but others around the NBA, and it's because of the hyped up draft class coming. I think it's fair to say that the Celtics are too good for this, and thank god they are. The Celtics franchise stands for pride, and this would have been a bull shit move by the franchise if they chose that road.

Of course the Celtics have played far better then expected, they sit at, 12-14. With the best record in the Atlantic. This season is far from over, and anything can happen, but with Rondo's return soon. The Celtics may stay near the top in the East, and why is that a bad thing? Can the Celtics compete with the Pacers or Heat? NO! But that doesn't mean much this season anyways.

Who can compete with those two this season anyway? The Celtics have some cash coming up, and many picks through the years, plus trade chips. The Celtics are good... They have Rondo, and players that go well with the system. In time they'll need at least one more All-Star type, and maybe that player is a Sullinger? Until then, checkout ESPN's "tanking" article.Only one out of the five guys over there said the Celtics shoul tank, give the entire article a read.


Herbert: Yes, sort of. The Celtics should be trying to trade every experienced player on their team not named Rajon Rondo. Boston is starting over, so every option should be on the table. The way Brad Stevens has his team playing defense, though, truly tanking might be tough.

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Reply NeCsFan
3:08 PM on December 18, 2013 
Deep draft or not, I don't understand how any fan of any team can advocate tanking. Yes you COULD get a Kevin Durant or a LeBron James, but you COULD get a Greg Oden, or a Darrius Miles, or a Michael Beasley, Bargnani anyone...anyone...Bueller...how about Kwame Brown? Shall I continue? Ping pong balls aren't the be all and end all of winning championships. And last I checked #1 picks weren't winning titles all by themselves. If that were the case LeBron would still be in Cleveland. Yes there is way more emphasis on having multiple "stars" on a team, but in the history of sports period, not just basketball, teams have always needed 2 or 3 star players at the very least. The 90's Bulls had Jordan (arguably the G.O.A.T) but they also had a defensive beast in Rodman during their 2nd championship run, an offensive sniper in Steve Kerr and another legit star who doesn't get enough credit in Pippen. My point is, drafting a college kid and placing all your hopes and dreams of winning in the draft basket is pretty counterintuitive if you consider how many other viable options are available to you, especially when you've got the kind of hand Ainge is working with. And those options are built on more solid ground than crossing your fingers hoping to be bad enough to be in the ping pong ball game, then hoping that they pop up in your favor. And that's not even getting in to the degree of integrity it takes away from the game. I'm totally team anti-tank, even if it means mediocrity, at least its mediocre with some shred of dignity.