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Sully, Wallace, and Stevens postgame interviews

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 7, 2013 at 5:10 AM

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Gerald Wallace had another game with a lackluster stat line, but he lived up his nickname "Crash" Friday night against Denver.

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Sullinger was limited to 20 minutes because of foul trouble aginst Denver, but Sully was solid with 8 points in limited time.

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Comments after the game by Stevens.


Re: Getting a boost from Kris Humphries:

"The game was an interesting one because our starters played fantastic at the start of the game and got us out to a huge lead. And then in the second half, it was our bench that got us back out to a lead. And Kris was a big part of that. Kris is a very, very reliable mid-range jump shooter, and he continues to make them for us, and he got a couple of baskets at the basket. But I thought the great play was, I think he got the run-out at the end of the first half, where he really sprinted down the sideline to make himself available for Jordan (Crawford) and finish that thing and got knocked down and was a little dinged up but good enough to keep playing. And he played great all night; he’s done a good job for us, and again, I think that speaks to his professionalism too because this hasn’t been always easy for him. But he’s always been a pro about everything."

Re: Boston's ball handling:

"We moved it well when we played well. We didn’t move it when we didn’t play well. So that first six minutes of the third quarter it stuck too much and I thought we were just passive and we let their defense kind of load up on us. But when we moved it, when those guys came in, we were much better, and so the ball moved great with that starting unit the first half; it just didn’t the second. Sometimes that happens because you get yourself in a lull. But you’ve got to break that lull by intentionally getting the ball to the other side of the floor."

Re: Talking to the team about making runs:

"Yeah, (Assistant) Coach (Ron) Adams told me first game – before the Milwaukee game – Coach Adams told me, ‘Twenty-point leads at halftime are hard to hold.’ And of course, that Milwaukee game we were up whatever we were up and we didn’t hold it. So we’re well-aware of that. It’s just hard to beat a good basketball team for that long. If (Ty) Lawson doesn’t get hurt and comes back in the game, maybe we have an even closer game. But the best part about tonight is things didn’t always go our way and we responded and I think that that’s a huge character trait of a good team, especially one that’s been beaten that way earlier in the season."

Re: It being hard to replace Humphries when Kelly Olynyk returns:

"I’d say the answer to that is ‘yes.’ I don’t know how that’s all going to work itself out, but I have a lot of faith in Kris, I have a lot of faith in Kelly, I’ve got a lot of faith in all five bigs. We talked about that before, but the bottom line is I guess when you look across the league it seems like every team we play has one of their bigs out. So to have five of them that are all really, really compliment each other, that gives you the flexibility of four being available on a given night, that’s pretty good. But when we have all five available, I don’t know how that’s going to work itself out."

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