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What are Celtic fans thinking: Some fans not giving up the dream of tanking, or are they?

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 5, 2013 at 5:15 AM

Jared Sullinger has some great sound bites for Celtic fans who dream at night about losing games this year, and likely hoping for Rondo's return in the year 2014 instead of the final weeks of 2013. This is what you fans out there need to know about tanking from the mouth of a Celtics legend.

Here are some comments from Celtic fans at Celtics Blog.


"low expectations, but wanting to see a fun, competitive young team develop. I do not like the ‘tanking’ rationale. Never have. It just seems counterintuitive that a bunch of athletes would purposely lose. It’s just plain weird. There are other ways to build a winning team than counting on a high draft pick to ride on his white horse and save us all from mediocrity…or worse."

Motor City Kid

"This is exactly what CANNOT happen.Win 35,no lottery w/ a horrendous east.Get picks 17&18….not a good thing.
And if Rondo comes back strong???Danny will move 2 guys for nothing so we lose more.My guess,Bass & Wallace.
That would sure help.Sad but true."


"The celtics have never signed a major free agent, thats a fact.

What is Danny doing then? We’re winning too much to tank and don’t have the talent to win a title on the roster. We won’t be able to trade for a great player with a bunch of mid round picks. Right now our team is in limbo and needs to pick a direction."


"Control what you can control. Hoping to acquire a superstar talent through the draft is just too risky to be the main foundation of the ownership’s plans. Too many factors just waiting to blow up in the ownership’s face. What if we get the lowest possible pick? What if a team picking earlier picks the player we most need? What if the pick left with us has the most talent, but is redundant with the current makeup of the team? What if pick never develops properly? What if pick becomes a BUST?

It gets worse. Imagine picking at #8 and getting an Al-Farouq Aminu and the one picking at #10 gets a Paul George. WELP. After that, you just wait for another year to get a chance to mess up the statistical probability that this strategy will finally work out.

If what the current strategy does is lock you into being the 2007-2011 Hawks, relying on the draft to get the superstar everybody wants is being the Bobcats, the Kings, and the Cavs of the past 3 years or so rolled into one. Lots of high draft picks, still a lottery team. lol"

I get the feeling that fans are waking up and smelling some fine coffee. I worked for another blog for a second and they wanted this team to tank, and I disagreed with it until the end, and I didn't understand the ideals behind it all. In NBA history we've seen top picks bust and high picks succeed. Let's just focus on building a culture.

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Reply celtsfan
1:22 PM on December 5, 2013 
Love when Tommy ranted about that. He's usually always right.