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Celtics Morning Joe: Crawford puts together first triple-double as a Celtic

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 30, 2013 at 5:00 AM

Jordan Crawford has been one of the top stories this season. What's the Celtics record with Crawford as a starter? The Celtics are 7-7 with Crawford as the starting point guard. The Celtics started the season 0-4 and Stevens made the switch. Since then Jordan has changed how we think of him. He's not a guy jacking up a thousand three's, even though he still jacks up some questionable three-pointers.

ESPN Boston

"He had a triple double? Crawford did? Holy smokes," said Stevens, his voice jumping up an octave in disbelief. "I had no idea."

Suspicious media members wondered if Stevens was feigning disbelief.

"I had no idea," pleaded Stevens. "He had 11 rebounds!? Jordan Crawford had 11 rebounds?"

You seem surprised, Coach.

"Shocked," answered Stevens.

A follow-up question asked about how effective Crawford was.

"Shockingly effective," answered Stevens. "I don’t know what else to tell you. He was good, he was solid. He didn’t shoot it great, obviously, but everything else he did pretty well. It’s good that our guards rebound. Our guards need to rebound for us to win."

Crawford quietly spearheaded Boston's first-quarter effort that tore the game open. Playing the entire first frame, he scored four points, grabbed four rebounds and handed out three assists (two of which were of the alley-oop variety) as Boston scored 18 of the game's first 20 points.

Finishing with 11 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, Crawford had his third career triple-double and first with the Celtics. What will become of Crawford once Rondo returns? Will he get the playing time? I hope it works out. I think Stevens will figure it out, he has on so many other things. Crawford's triple-double meant something because the Celtics won this game.

I'm still shocked in some ways that Crawford is the starting point guard right now. He was low on the depth chart for many critics. He's shown that he's a talent that grow despite his approach to the game.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
8:18 AM on November 30, 2013 
For me, this is one of the most heartening things about what has been an incredibly heartening season so far. It's amazing that one can say that a 7-11 season is heartening, but wow. The only disappointment so far is Olynik, but even he has come a long way, really, for a freshman who was sure to have some major challenges adapting to the pro game.

But with Crawford, it now seems clear that we finally, finally, have a high quality backup for Rondo. That's huge. What's almost better is what this says about Rondo. No one in the fandom seems to want to point this out, but we have heard all along that Rondo has been very vocal and active as the leader of this team even while unable to play, and in particular that he was working with the point guards. It's not a huge leap to think that Rondo has played a significant role in Crawford's improved play at the point, to the point where some folks are calling Crawford a second Rondo. Something has clicked in the young man's head, it seems, and I think we can fairly safely say that Rondo had something to do with it. That suggests that Rondo's made a big step forward as a leader. Ainge's comments about Rondo, which virtually take him off the trading block, thank God, surely imply the same - that Ainge is seeing a big step forward from Rondo in terms of leadership.

I think that the way this season has played out so far for the Cs and the Nets tends to bear out what I' have said many times, what I have been criticized for saying, and what Ainge seems also to have seen: that there was tension between Pierce and Rondo (which does not mean that the two guys hated each other - not saying that - though I don't doubt that there have been times...), with the two guys vying for leadership on the team (despite many words to the opposite effect), and that the young leader could not spread his wings if the older leader would not trim his sails.

I think there is every chance that Rondo and Crawford will be a brilliant pair of pgs. Crawford can be, it appears, a very high quality backup who is capable of pushing a star (superstar?) starter, without being in the hunt for his position. He seems to have a personality that is a little bit like Rondo's. Like Rondo he seems prickly and difficult with the media, but seems playful with those he knows. He has a huge chip on his shoulder, like Rondo, and seems to have had difficulty finding a place where he fits in, like Rondo.

This team could make some serious noise when Rondo comes back. Rondo is a proven difference maker who gives a team a real shot against any other team, and while the injury has been a setback, and we certainly don't know yet if his D will improve, and whether he will be a better shooter, he looks to be a player on the verge of superstardom. Sully is stepping up against tough competition and starting to seem more like a second Cowens every day! ;) Fav and Oly are flawed, but both seem to bring considerable potential to the center position. Wallace and Humph seem to be adapting to bench roles, along with Lee, who is looking like a high quality third and forth guards. Bass seems to be adapting to being the veteran amongst some talented bigs. Green is stepping up as Pierce's replacement, Bradley is showing he can really play the 2 - so many good things, and we have a difference maker on the way who not only doesn't seem to have fallen out of step with the team, but who seems to be maybe more part of the team than he has ever been. With JCRaw and 'do, we seem to have a mighty little engine under the hood.

Waiting for Rondo. And making the most of it.