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The talkin' box score: Indiana Pacers - Boston Celtics 97-82

Posted by Morena on November 23, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Record: 4-10


Another tough game and another tough loss. We started the game strong this time, and we were able to confirm ourselves in the second quarter. Then, another blackout out of the locker room in the third quarter when the Pacers outscored us 25 to 8. There always seems to be a moment in the game when we shut off and we let our opponents to take over. Last night it was the third quarter. We scored eight points while shooting 23%, we turned the ball over eleven times allowing them to score 13 points and we were outrebounded 14 to 9. It’s pretty hard to imagine something worst.

Considering that we finished the game with a shooting percentage of 50% we bounced back pretty strong, but you can’t give away a compete quarter to the other team.


For the second straight night, Sully and Kelly had the chance to start together. Sully had another solid game. He was even battling some illness but he was able to give us a 13 points – 5 rebounds – 2 assist performance, shooting 50% from the field. I also had the chance to read that he played a really good defense last night. He’s being the guy we need. Coming off a tough summer, he just keeps giving it all on the field giving us solid performances. As Shawn said, he just needs to slim down a little bit. He said it too just before the beginning of the season, so I hope he’s working on that also. The only bad news about Sully last night is that he said he really left it all on the court and we have a back to back. Considering he was even hill, I hope he’ll be able to get some rest and recover for tonight game against Atlanta.


Kelly’s game didn’t last very long. After 12 minutes of play he got tangled up with another player and he rolled his ankle while fighting for a rebound. He said he’s not one of those really bad ankle sprain when you have to rest for a month or so, but he didn’t know how bad it was. Sure is, he didn’t travel with the team for the game against Atlanta. I really hope he is ok. He and Sully had the chance to start just one game together and they did pretty good, so it’s really a shame that he got injured.


It wasn’t a good night for Bradley. Our shooting guard scored just 6 points on 3for10 and had two assist while turning the ball over three times. To his credit, he also grabbed a team high 7 rebounds. I saw a Rondo interview today where he said that the teammate that impressed him the most is Bradley because of how hard he works and because he’s really unselfish. The effort seems to be there, and we saw it more than once. It was just a bad night.


Jordan Crawford gave us yet another solid game, but this time with a big, black blotch. He posted a team-high 24 points shooting 83% from the field, to go along with 3 rebounds and 4 assists. And this sound really good. The problem is when you look at the 6 turnovers, which happened all during the second half, and 4 in the fourth quarter. That’s really not what you need from your point guard when you’re trying a comeback after you basically wasted away the game. It’s just another one of those little thing that make you understand how much you miss Rondo.


After the game with the Spurs, our bench was once again not enough. Lee played 16 minutes scoring to points and nothing else, while Wallace had two points, four rebounds, and five turnovers. That’s not just bad, that’s pretty awful. Bass was the best guy off the bench with 8 points on 4for8 shooting.


It will be another tough game against Atlanta. I don’t want to see our team give away another whole quarter. There are a lot of good things here, we just have to remember that we are able to put it together. It’s hard, but nobody said it was going to be easy.


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