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The talkin' box score: Boston Celtics - Houston Rockets 85-109

Posted by Morena on November 20, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Record: 4-8


I’m not sure where to start talking about this game.

The first question that came to my mind looking at the box score is: did we even tried to play defense last night? I mean – we sure had a hard time on offense like the last couple of games, but when you’re not scoring, you’re at least supposed to play hard on defense to try and stay in the game somehow. It really look like we forgot that last night. The numbers are pretty much embarrassing. We shot 32% while Houston went 57% from the field and 43% from the 3-point line, and they killed us in the paint scoring twice the points we made.


I think Rondo’s face when he looked at the box score halfway through the game sum up perfectly what the numbers show. Just look at the link below.




We came out of the gate ice cold and we were outscored in every quarter but the last one. We never led throughout the whole game. And while I appreciate the effort, that’s far from enough. The other teams are scoring at will against us. We’re supposed to be a grinding team, but this start from the defense. We have to step on the field ready to hit the ground but willing to get back up and fight.


If I was able to paint, I’d draw a “missing” poster for Bass and Green after last night. The best was actually Bass with nine points, but other than that, they were nowhere to be found. I always expect a lot from this couple of guys. They should be those to carry the team, to take responsibility, but sometimes, they just disappear. And as I’ve said more than once, we need every one of our player this year, even more so now that Rondo is out. Instead, those who are supposed to have a bigger role don’t show up every game like they’re supposed to. Every time they take a step forward in my “like” ranking, the next game they take two big step backward. I really don’t know what to think anymore about them.


Bradley had 11 points and 5 rebounds, to go with no assist but three turnover. And what’s strange for him is just one personal foul. If even Bradley stopped to play defense I start to understand why the game went the way it went. To his credit, he had to cover James Harden, which is not exactly the first guy that you find ad the field in the back of your house. The thing that I really don’t understand is how he keeps having no assist but 2 or 3 turnover. I know that he’s not supposed to play the facilitator anymore, but the fact that he’s having more turnover that assist doesn’t make sense considering that he played point guard for the most part of his career. He almost have twice as many turnover as assist this year (2.5 compared to 1.3 assists).


Then, there are three guys that did what they were supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less. Sully, Kelly and Vitor had a solid game. They didn’t scored tons of points, but they rebounded the ball (they combined for 22 turnover on the 43 of the team) and they didn’t turned the ball over too much. They are rookies, with the exception of Sully who played half of the season last year, but I like what they’re doing so far. They had some bad games, but they’re being pretty consistent, even playing some really good game from time to time. If they keep playing like this, they will have a chance to see their role increase with the season going on. Not to say that they still have to play with Rondo. Sully had a chance to play alongside him last year, and they started to click pretty well before they both had season ending surgery. And I think every one of these three guys have the chance to improve a lot playing with Rondo. I’m sure they’ll be fun to watch. Another guy whose stat line looked pretty good last night is Pressey. The starting 5 of Boston last night combined for six assists, while Phil on his own had a team-high 5 assist with just one turnover and a couple of steal. Not to be forgotten a team high +/- with +16. I love to see him having the chance to play more minutes and making a good use of those extra minutes he’s earning. I know I’m biased when I talk about these guys, but I just really like them!!


A positive note off the bench last night is Lee. He is slowly but steadily improving. He’s another of those guy that can be big for us off the bench and it’s great to see he’s finally coming into his own and becoming the player we need.


We’ll have two of the hardest match up in the next couple of game, and if I have to go down, I don’t want it to be without a fight. Let’s get back up together and play as a team guys!! I won’t lose faith in our team.


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Reply celtsfan
6:06 PM on November 20, 2013 
I loved the look on his face after that. Classic.