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Tradition and competitiveness

Posted by Morena on October 30, 2013 at 6:30 AM

There's something in the city of Boston thats, more than any other city, it makes you proud to support their teams. I've noticed that a lot of teams don't like Boston's teams. I believe that there's something in the way the Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics carry themselves, a solemnity that is different. You can feel the history, the tradition, and even if one of the team is struggling, you can never count it out. I really believe that the level of competitiveness and hunger in this city is higher than almost everywhere else. It's the classic situation where you probably love or hate it, but you can't ignore it.

I think one of the bruins player summed it up perfectly when he said “Be Loud, Be Proud. It's Boston.”


I think that this feeling can help our teams, because they can be inspired from one another.

That's why I was pretty happy when I read that Green was drawing inspiration from the Boston Red Sox. I'm a big sport fan and I'm loosing some sleep for the world series right now, and it's been a pleasure to see this team fight together like they're doing. Whatever the final outcome will be, I'll be proud. And I'm expecting the Boston Celtics to fight in the same way. We're a new young team, and we won't be in the NBA finals, but I still think that with the right attitude, we can surprise a lot of people.


Still, I was happy to read about Green interview, and that was before reading the whole interview. The headline looked pretty good, he even said that Rondo will be our David Ortiz. And this would be really big. I think this is what everyone of us is hoping for. Becoming our Big Brother, instead of Big Papi, Rondo would be a very strong personality in the locker room, a respected, strong, vocal leader that day in and day out is able to carry the team on his shoulder. It won't be easy for him to come back when the season is already started, but the right now, it look like his vocal leadership is good, and I believe it will improve as his confidence will keep growing while he gets closer and closer to be back.


One thing on which I can't absolutely agree with Green is the fact that the Red Sox are getting the job done even being a team of guys that came out of nowhere that got on the same page and played like a team. Wait, what?? Green must be watching baseball from a really small amount of time. What he said, to me, looks like the Celtics situation, and what they have to do to be a good team. As for the Red Sox, guys like Pedroia, Ellsbury, Ortiz, and Lester already won a championship together; Lackey, Buchholz, Doubront, and Salty played together for a long time now, and there are even guys in the coaching staff like Farrell himself, Varitek and Pedro Martinez who were already here during the 2007 victory. And most of the guys who weren't there, are really good player who have played on championship caliber teams.

This, to me, doesn't look exactly like the same situation we're in as Boston Celtics.

But still, there's an important lesson that we can learn watching this year Boston Red Sox: after a difficult season, they really fought as a team, Green is right on this one. Even guys who could have achieve better stats as individual player and had nothing more to demonstrate, sacrificed their individual ambitions and kept themselves available for whatever the team needed. And I think this is the big reason why they were ready when their number was called.

And if they were able to do that, we MUST be able to do the same thing. We are a bunch of guys like that for different reason, has plenty of things to demonstrate, and I don't want to see them waste time in doing that. Green said in the same interview that after his heart surgery, he understood that you have to be happy for every moment you can spend on the field playing. But I want him to show me that, not just say it. Maybe I'm being a little hard with him, he's been through a lot, but he's had the second chance a wrote about last week. And he's not making the best out of it. I want to see him fight for his space on the field, and fight to get the ball for his team. He said Rondo will be our David Ortiz, but he needs to be our Jacoby Ellsbury, using his power and athleticism to create havoc on the field and let our team take advantage of it, especially now that Rondo is out.


The author of the piece said in the end that the big difference is that in the NBA you need star talent, and our team doesn't have enough of it. And he's probably right. But I really believe we can have a strong team-talent. And we have to take it out on the field. He's one of those people that we need to prove wrong.


The season starts tomorrow, and what I really wish right now is to be able, in eight months or so, to say that I'm really proud of my team.

Let's never forget: IT'S BOSTON.


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Reply Celticslifer
12:35 PM on October 30, 2013 
Love your thoughts on this.
Reply Greg
12:37 PM on October 30, 2013 
Its a new season,and every one is up beat. Love it.
Reply Morena
12:38 PM on October 30, 2013 
Celticslifer says...
Love your thoughts on this.

Thanks!! :)
Reply Morena
1:07 PM on October 30, 2013 
Greg says...
Its a new season,and every one is up beat. Love it.

Thanks greg!! Glad you liked it!!
Reply celtsfan
7:17 PM on October 30, 2013 
Good work Morena. You've been putting out some good stuff,