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Yes, another Ray Allen story

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 20, 2013 at 5:25 AM

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

Allen had his reasons, and they’re well-documented. In the end, Doc Rivers could no longer get Garnett and Pierce to recruit Allen to stay, sources told Yahoo. Neither player would call Allen, and only Pierce could be counted upon to even text him. The partnership had run its course, and Allen made the right, if unpopular, decision for himself.

You loathe the ground Ray walks, and you hate Ray with a genuine quality that's all your own. Deep down in your heart you putrid negative thoughts of him. You seethe and you scald at the sound of his name.Your angry eyes, reveal much of  the same as your words. You lost sleep, and were up all night  nurturing vengeful feelings that are your own.

Maybe the communication was diminishing? To much has happened to recall. Disconnection propels the vicious cycle of betrayal. Holding onto the good times, and losing the real meaning behind it all. Something happened between the "Big 3", and I think Rondo became an innocent person in it all.

Did Ray really leave just because of Rondo, or did he leave because Paul and Kevin were done with him. These questions have been asked by many, but this story seems to be going strong. But what if Ray is just a baby who happens to be 38 years old. There was no forcing the lost connection between the "Big 3". Things weren't how they were before. The chemistry seemed buried beneath a wall, an attraction impossible to restore.

Another brick weighed on the trio, but where did it come from, was this an overreaction to something. Each brick stacked up on top of the last, with the air thinner, and thinner,and the chest muscles cramping. Naive to the wall building because of complied  issues from the past. I think this column by Yahoo's Wojo hit home for me, and he had great points, and his take on the recent James dig at KG and Pierce sits well for me.

Maybe everyone started to see right through Ray's big fraud. Ray has been busy painting others into the mold as villain,but this entire time it's him. Maybe these three players who played so well with each other during the end of their primes, couldn't adapt to not being the best. This story is always evolving into something different. I think the main theme is that Ray is the odd one out. Ray's politician ways dictate who he is.  

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Reply Greg
12:31 PM on October 20, 2013 
Ray built such a good rep, that nobody puts the blame on him.
Reply C'slife
5:51 PM on October 20, 2013 
Greg says...
Ray built such a good rep, that nobody puts the blame on him.

He's coincided, and he was the cancer in the locker room, not Rondo, sorry Ray but you put the wedge between everyone.