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Celtics Morning Joe: Stevens knows who the leader is of the Celtics, without a captain

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 19, 2013 at 5:00 AM

Captain or no captain role. Rondo is the leader of this team. I feel like that is one of the most used statements that I use on this site. My feel on it right now is that Rondo isn't asking for this role, but he's taking it because he's been the guy all along, he's battled with the vets for this team, and with those players out of Boston. Rondo isn't allowing anyone else to step in. Rondo won't play a game until December, but things do change, I do worry about the date being pushed up. Mainly because I'm being selfish.

So much was made this summer about whether Stevens and Rondo could co-exist, and I think both Brad and Rajon have shown that they truly want this to workout. Rondo is basically an assistant coach under Stevens under Rondo, and maybe it's the best thing long term. I'm trying to find some positive in Rondo's absence.


"I don’t know what the leadership roles were like last year, because I wasn’t here," said Stevens. "The guy that’s been the most vocal leader for us has been Rondo. I think he’s done a really good job of it."

After Friday's practice, which closed with Rondo in his typical spot at center court with his teammates circled around him for stretching drills, Stevens gushed about Rondo's natural leadership qualities and his constant presence despite a demanding rehab schedule.

Stevens reaffirmed that, unless league rules require a captain, he'd prefer to not name one. That's just his style. During his time at Butler, he only named captains twice. In his first season at the helm (2007-08) he designated his five seniors (Julian Betko, Pete Campbell, A.J. Graves, Mike Green and Drew Streicher) as captains, and four years later he tabbed Ronald Nored -- whom he brought to Boston to be part of the player-development staff -- and Garrett Butcher to captain the 2011-12 team.

But Stevens firmly believes that leaders naturally lead and that there doesn't need to be a formal designation for everyone to know that Rondo is the one guiding this Celtics squad.

I really disagree with Stevens on this not having a captain thing. I think deep down inside, Rodno wants to be captain. He's been waiting for this moment for the past couple of years. Sometimes a title means something. Stevens wasn't hear for Rondo's rise, and he wasn't in Boston when Rondo had to lead a team full of veterans. This is a big moment for Rodno, and I think Stevens needs to rethink his captain stance.

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Reply Greg
12:33 PM on October 19, 2013 
I think its a mistake to not make a captain. In this certain circumstance. Rondo does have a past hear,even if Stevens wasn't hear for it..
Reply C'slife
5:38 PM on October 19, 2013 
Just make Rondo captain Stevens, you sound like Ainge.
Reply jlil89
1:41 PM on October 20, 2013 
Would I rather Rondo go ahead and be named Captain? Well sure only because this topic won't have to be a running throughout the season. Do I believe it really matters? Not really. I think being officially named captain is overrated and is just that... a title.

Rajon doesn't need a title to let it be known that he is the leader of this team. The whole league knows it. Once Rondo returns to the court, he will lead the way in trying to right the ship in a bumpy journey known as a rebuild. I expect his teammates to naturally follow his lead as well. They may not think it fully now but once that season starts and those losses start piling up rapidly, this team will be super relieved once their captain laces up.

Especially Jeff. Look I LOVE Jeff Green... but he is not a number one option and he will soon be learning the hard way that he is definitely not "the guy". He is going to run into some serious growing pains with his newly featured role and I believe Jeff will benefit a ton when #9 returns. Jeff is not Lebron, KD, or Paul George and thats OK! Giving him a role for a bit where he can be featured like those players I just listed could be a good thing for Jeff to realize that he really does need Rondo in order to be truly effective.
Reply gspr
9:37 AM on October 21, 2013 
I think Rondo should be named captain. Not only does he deserve it, but now the trade rumors will start again if they don't name him. The Celtics have always had a captain. Not a good time to veer from tradition IMO.