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Talkin' box score: New York Knicks-Boston Celtics 81-111

Posted by Morena on October 13, 2013 at 7:30 AM

And it’s finally time to celebrate the first win of the season.

A great victory against the Knicks just three days after the our second loss of the preseason.

Once again, I had to satisfy my basketball hunger by watching and studying intently the box score. This time I saw a lot of things that make me really excited, but I’m gonna start from the negative things that I could spot in the numbers box.

The first thing that caught my eyes are Green’s number. I swear, this guy is a mystery to me. He shows flashes of brilliance and that he has games where he looks like he’s in hibernation. He scored a little bit more but he had 3 turnover and one, and I repeat ONE rebound. Here we go again!! We can’t expect our guards to be the rebounder of the team. When you’re biggest forward grab just one rebound, the situation off the glass is going to be difficult. Speaking of guards that grab a high number of rebounds, a special mention today is for Crawford. Sever rebounds to tie the assist leadership. And while this is great for him, I still think is a big problem for us.

Bass also didn’t do enough. The only thing that I liked were the 7 rebound. I said some days ago that I expected him to grab more rebounds, and this time I can say this was the part of his game that satisfied me. That said, we even won the rebounds war this time, so the situation may not be as worrisome as I see it.

The other negative thing is the number of turnover which is too damn high. As I’ve already said, the fact that we are a new team is not helping us here, but I think that also the lack of a true point guard is increasing out turnover number. Once again, what I can see from the box score is that Bradley is a shooting guard more than a point guard. He had a good game, but not as a point guard. I think that while Rondo is out, we will have to play a more team-oriented offense, where everyone can push the ball up the floor, and maybe draw some specific plays when there is a true passing guy on the floor, and I’m thinking about Pressey. He’s just a rookie, but he really impressed me, and with Rondo being in his ear every day, he has the chance to be pretty solid.

I’m really happy to see a very good game from Kelly!! I really like this guy and I have high expectations on him. Maybe this is just one game, but I’m so excited that I don’t see it this way. He is adjusting at the NBA level and I can see him keep improving game after game. He scored a lot of points and he even started to grab some rebounds. I can’t help it but like this guy more and more every day!!

I also like the effort of Brooks of the bench. He had three turnovers on his own, but he put in the effort and stole also three possession for our team. And 13 points off the bench can be really good for us.


Overall, it was a great scoring night for our team, our shooting percentage was very good, and at the same time, our defense helped keeping New York offense in check and we held them at a low scoring percentage and this is great news for us.

The next game is the first big game of the season, and we’ve got to be ready. Mentally more that physically.

I want us to win. I want us to beat the Nets.


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Reply C'slife
12:01 PM on October 13, 2013 
The turnovers are up because we don't have a point, were a new team, and it's the preseason, If this issue continues in the season then I'm worried.
Reply Laker hater
12:07 PM on October 13, 2013 
Morena is the numbers guru around here. Analytic like Stevens. This is again a cool thing for the fans who don't get to see the game.
Reply Morena
12:34 PM on October 13, 2013 
Laker hater says...
Morena is the numbers guru around here. Analytic like Stevens. This is again a cool thing for the fans who don't get to see the game.

Thanks!! I appreciate it!! I love numbers in fact!! I know that there's more than numbers, but still like to take a look at the box score!!