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The talkin box score: Toronto Raptors - Boston Celtics 97-89

Posted by Morena on October 9, 2013 at 10:15 AM

The first preseason game of the new era is now behind us and it's already time to face our next opponent.

The first game of Brad Stevens as an NBA coach was a loss. And this is something that shouldn't surprise us at all. It was a pretty intense summer and there are a lot of new guys on our roster; we can't expect them to go out there and play like a consolidate team.


The fist consequence of this lack of chemistry that is shown by the box score, is the mess that is our defense. The field goal percentage of the Toronto Raptors is way too high and the same thing can be said for our turnovers. But this is something that for now, doesn't bother me so much. We've got more than 20 days of games and practice ahead of us to increase our chemistry.

What we should be really worried about is the rebounding. On the offensive board, truth to be told, we even held our own, but it was the defensive end that totally killed us. We got 35 to 18 on defense. They almost caught twice our rebounds. That's something that can't happen, and it has little to do with chemistry I think.

Rondo showed us more that once that rebounding is an art, and a lot of it has to do with instinct and will. Our best rebounder on monday was Sully. In a normal situation I wouldn't be surprised at all by this. Sully always displayed a great feel for rebounding. But this is a guy who just came back from a back surgery, and while his numbers were good, they shouldn't have been the best for our team.

The lack of a true center is once again killing us. If we look for a moment at the box score, our starting center was Kris Humphries, even if Sully played almost the same amount of minutes in the same position. Sullinger's numbers are a lot better. They almost have the same shooting percentage, but the one year veteran has better numbers in rebounds, assists, points, turnover and even in the plus/minus. I just hope the veteran presence that should be Humphries helped the team in a way that can't be seen just looking at the box score.

Sully said during media day that he's ready to play center if this will be the best thing for the team, and after the first game, it really looks like he will have to, even if he's an undersized center.


Taking a quick look at the offense, our shooting percentage was way down, but that's not something I can analyze too much. We know that the guys can score, it could have just been a bad day.

Our scoring leader was Wallace, that showed once again that he can be a very good off-the-bench guy for our team.


Like we expected, there was not a point guard in the game. The assist number is equally divided among the players that played a considerable amount of minutes.

Oddly enough, our assist leader was Olynyk. While this shouldn't be the case, it's nice to have the confirmation the Kelly is in fact good at understanding what he should do with the ball in his hands. His numbers for the game were not very good, but during the summer league we could see that, while just a rookie, he had a very good decision making.

Losing the starting PG must be especially hard on him, having no experience at all playing at the NBA level. He seems to have a really good instinct for the game, and with Rondo's ability to make everyone around him better, if he will be able to use his instinct and put himself in the right spot at the right moment, he will have his chance. And I'm sure Rondo will like him a lot.


Tonight is already time to face the knicks.

It's a little strange to think that right now, they're not the most interesting rivalry in New York.

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Reply celtsfan
12:04 PM on October 9, 2013 
Olynyk was the best passer Monday.. Rondo said hes the second best passer
Reply C'slife
4:20 PM on October 9, 2013 
celtsfan says...
Olynyk was the best passer Monday.. Rondo said hes the second best passer

He was shades of Larry Bird, OMG, can't believe I just said that.
Reply Morena
4:45 PM on October 9, 2013 
That's pretty good news!!!!!!!