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Stevens more than a numbers man

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 3, 2013 at 5:10 AM

Stevens has built a reputation on numbers. I can imagine him sitting at his computer in his office. Looking at math that explains what you can't see on the basketball court. Solving equations to better his team, and finding out who will play with who the best. When I think about stats, and math in basketball it feels cold and emotionless. But what if your a coach that can see both. What if a coach like Stevens views the numbers, along with the intangibles that go with playing the game. 

I can see obscure calculations, and how to offset, with formulas,  and to see the effect of  actions, and how they factor in the overwhelming sum of the situation. The situation is new to everyone, and so far Brad's attention to detail has captured his team.

Boston Herald

“If I had to choose between analytics and culture, I’d choose culture,” he said, culture being his tag for most all that hoop evaluation has been about.

“Now, I think you can choose both, and you can do both well. I think analytics are a part of winning. Culture is the foundation of winning. At least that’s what I believe. Why not have a little bit of an advantage here or there, knowing who you’re guarding and how they like to play.”

But there are some areas of the game where numbers can reveal something not so readily seen when one is focused on each possession and getting it right. A player who might not be as skilled as others can show his value during an analysis of which groups work best together.

“No question in player combinations,” said Stevens, checking off the value of proper statistical analysis. “No question in scouting. And then certainly in helping guys see how much better they need to get, how they are in certain parts of the game, how they shoot from certain parts of the floor, the direction they’re headed.”

I think that's the answer I wanted. He knows the value of someone like Rondo, who has the numbers, but Rondo does so much more than what you see on a stat sheet. So many other players in the league fall into that category as well in different ways, either as stars, or role players. I think Stevens has been a victim of what we think of him, he was pegged as this numbers guy, but if you talk to him, it's just an aspect of who he is as a coach.

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Reply paul
5:34 AM on October 3, 2013 
There's culture, and there's numbers, and there's creativity. And it's going to take some creativity to make this thing work. We need, in my view, to stop kidding ourselves that this Rondo-Stevens thing is just automatically going to work out. If things develop on automatic pilot, Rondo will not be Stevens' 5.

These two guys need to do some cooking together, or else forget it.
Reply Greg
11:54 AM on October 3, 2013 
Nice read.. Stevens seems just like a special dude you know. He's in this thing to win,and his standards are high like ours and DA's. So far has captured his players and the fans.
Reply paul
12:03 PM on October 3, 2013 
He does seem special.