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Shortcut to greatness

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 15, 2013 at 5:15 AM

Betrayal is more difficult to define. You can see the trouble it causes, but it depends on who feels the betrayal. Stop all the clocks, cut off the mobile phone in your hand. Cutting corners is an easy solution, or instant gratification for those who thrive to be the best. We seem to be trapped in this cycle. The cycle of taking the easy road. Instead of taking the the moral of the story ,or lessons learned road. The easy path to a goal has become more excepted in our culture. The moral of this story?

Morality, integrity,  honesty, generosity, and selflessness has become a lost art. This post by CBS blogger  Gregg Doyel hits the nail on the head for me on James's departure from Cleveland, and his easy way out, and it also reminds me of Doc.

The Decision: Part II coming because LeBron wants more easy rings

"Because in LeBron’s view, the projections don’t work. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade will make too much money, eat into too much of the salary cap, for whatever production they’ll give the Heat after the 2013-14 season. Bosh just isn’t as good as LeBron (and the rest of us) thought in 2010, and Wade is getting old, fast. Wade has another few good years left, but he doesn’t have any great years left. He’s still capable of an occasional great game, but those will become less frequent. And less great.

And LeBron didn’t come to Miami for this.

He didn’t come to Miami for it to be hard. He came to Miami because he wanted it easy. He wanted a sure thing. Compete for NBA titles? He already had that in Cleveland. He’d have that anywhere he goes, because any roster with LeBron James will compete for an NBA title. That 2009 team in Cleveland was terrible, utter dreck, except for LeBron. And that team won 66 games and reached the Eastern Conference Finals.

LeBron doesn’t want to compete for titles. He wants to win titles, and that’s not a subtle distinction. His remarks to ESPN confirmed he’s the same corner-cutting guy he was in 2010 when he teamed up with Wade and Bosh, the other top free agents on the market.

So let me say this just one more time, and get it out of my system: LeBron wants to rig the game. He says he “would love to spend the rest of my career in Miami,” but ignores the fact that nobody’s stopping him. The Heat would sign him to a lifetime extension this second, if he’d do it. But he won’t, because he wants to see what the Heat will do with Bosh and Wade. He wants to see how easy the Heat will make it for LeBron to win titles in 2015 and beyond before he decides to sign the extension he could have signed yesterday."

This guy gets it, and the same could be said of Doc Rivers, Ray Allen went the same route. Allen was offered more bread, and a no trade clause. He passed that up for a glowing, shinny championship ring. It's starting to be on cool, or unaccepted if you talk badly about the king, because he's won back-to-back titles, but lets not forget the easy road he took to get there, and the easy road he's looking to take for a second time. James is great, and sometimes I feel that he's been bailed out by many on his path to greatness. James for years was capable mentally to lead a team, and without Wade, and some other lucky bounces. James would still be answering questions that he wouldn't want to answer. 

Lebron's legacy isn't finished, and for a lowly blogger like myself. I believe his two Finals that he's lost, and joining forces with Wade will hurt his legacy in my view. For me it would been like Bird joining a Magic, Isiah Thomas, or Wilkins from the 80's. It would have been like Jordan teaming up with Malone, Barkley, or Hakeem. You can't discredit how good Pippen was, but he wasn't a mega star like a Malone, or Hakeem. Wade was at the time the third best player in the league when they joined forces. Nobody anticipated Wade's health, and that's why James leaves for another contender. 

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Reply paul
9:35 AM on September 15, 2013 
Some kudos, considering all that, to Dwight Howard, who claims that the reason he wanted to go to Houston was to become a better low post scorer with the help of Mchale and Olajuwan. That's the kind of decision that makes sense to me. Or if Rondo and Smith got together to play the game their way and show everyone that they are much better than is thought. But yeah, the first and third best players in the league getting together to rack up easy rings? It's not very admirable. And for folks like Ray Allen to grab their coattails? Is that truly the glory that cannot be smitten, Ray?
Reply Greg
9:11 PM on September 15, 2013 
Not admirable at all,and now eveyone seems to forget and his peasants wait for his next word.
Reply C'slife
11:31 PM on September 15, 2013 
He's now forgiven for all of his sins. People put him on a pedestal, and they want to keep him there.
Reply paul
2:59 PM on September 16, 2013 
Is winning the only thing, as Lombardi said? I prefer coach Stevens' approach.