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Rondo not unanimous MVP

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 27, 2013 at 5:15 AM

ESPN put together a "Summer Forecast, and on Monday a bunch of big time bloggers assisted ESPN with the Celtics potential MVP in the 2014 season. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but how can you not say Rondo? Put aside the injury. Rondo is clearly the MVP of the Celtics, and has been. I just believe some out there can't allow Rondo to have his day.


"In our panel vote, Rondo received a whopping 65 percent of the MVP vote, while Jeff Green (20 percent) and Jared Sullinger (10 percent) rounded out the top three. Avery Bradley also landed in the voting."

Michael Pina, CelticsHub (Jared Sullinger)

Last year he was my favorite player on the team, an offensive rebounding machine who played like a gravitationally challenged, more polished Kenneth Faried. This year he'll have more minutes and more opportunity. He won't be the team's best player, but he'll be the most consistent.

Yes, he won't be the best player, and I disagree with him being the most consistent. He's one of my favorites, because he was on Ohio State, and because he's a hard working guy. But he's unlikely a team MVP just yet.

Jonathan Lemons, CLNS Radio (Avery Bradley)

Kevin Garnett was the unquestioned leader of the defense but Avery Bradley's return last season sparked a dramatic improvement in Boston's D. His defense will be more of the same this year, but with two healthy shoulders, he should be able to knock down many of the corner-3s that rattled out last year.

Bradley should have a better season with two healthy shoulders going into the 2013-14 season. Even with Bradley's likely improvement this coming season, I don't see him as a MVP type player on this team.

Mike Dyer, Celtics Life (Jeff Green)

During the last 45 games of the 2012-13 season (including the playoff series against the Knicks), Jeff Green became the player that all Celtics fans wanted him to become. He averaged 17 points and 4.8 rebounds per game while shooting 49 percent from the field and 43 percent from deep during the period between Jan. 25 (interestingly enough, the game against the Hawks that Rondo got hurt in) until the end of the season. Now the challenge for Green will be to maintain that level of production while becoming "the man" on offense. Rondo has never been a dominant scorer and, with Pierce and Garnett gone, opposing defenses will be locked in on Green. Personally, I think he is up for the challenge as his combination of explosive finishing skills and his ability to shoot give him a variety of ways to fill up the scoring column. One of the biggest gripes with Green since he entered the league is his consistency, but he is now 18 months removed from heart surgery and has a chance to build upon the momentum that he had at the end of last season. I think Green goes for 18 points and 5 rebounds per game this season, more than earning his $9 million salary.

I can respect picking Jeff Green, his potential hasn't been tapped, and his second half last year was remarkable. He's the second best player on the team also. I disagree with him saying Rondo isn't a dominate scorer. The thing is this. He can be if it was him. He's done it before, and Rondo's more then capable of putting up 30 plus a night.

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Reply paul
11:53 AM on August 27, 2013 
This crap just makes me frickin' crazy. These people refuse to recognize that Rondo has ALREADY been this team's best player and mvp for three seasons now, or more, and as you said, Shawn, they just can't stand to give the guy a chance. I hate it. If they have their way, he'll go straight from playing second fiddle to the Big Three to playing second fiddle to Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger, Avery Bradley and Olynyk the Klynyk!! Rondo has helped carry this team for six seasons. The rest, other than Bradley, have pretty much done squat. Olynyk has literally done squat. But hell, these same people would sell their souls for Wiggins, I suppose.

For God' s sake, people, do you not think Rajon Rondo has earned a chance to lead this team?!!! This is a talented group. We know that Green can rise to the occasion on both ends, and we know that Bradley can do a lot and is determined, we know that Jared and Olynyk could have a very interesting inside outside game together, and i personally think the Nets Three could come up big. BUT GIVE RONDO A FRICKIN CHANCE!!!!!!

Some folks don't even want Rondo to be captain, or they want him to be captain with Sullinger, or Green.
Reply Franklin
1:52 PM on August 27, 2013 
Its sad,people see Rondo as an odd character,someone they don't get. Its basically highschool mentality for these writers,bloggers. Rondo is different,so he's not cool enough to sit with us. These guys lose all cred with me. Its like saying your picking Pau Gasol over Kobe for team MVP. But the thing is this. Gasol has been an all-star,so that would fly a bit more. Green,Sully,and Bradley haven't seen an all-star game,only at home.
Reply paul
6:31 PM on August 27, 2013 
Junior high school, Franklin. Or all the folks saying 'we need to tank so we can get a superstar quality talent.' HELLO!!
Reply C'slife
7:44 PM on August 27, 2013 
It's so bad, I wouldn't be surprised that if some fans say Pierce should still be captain even if he's on the Nets, or we shouldn't have a team captain at all.
Reply Celticslifer
7:52 PM on August 27, 2013 
I think the MVP of the team is Gerald Wallace. He will earn respect, and I'm just joking. lol
Reply paul
4:26 AM on August 28, 2013 
I HAVE seen someone argue that we should have no captain at all.