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Best of Rondo: Rondo shows guts with dislocated elbow

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 1, 2013 at 5:15 AM

Rondo after the game:

"I knew right away something was wrong when I went down, but thank God for Kevin [Garnett], because I was having trouble breathing," Rondo said after Boston's 97-81 win that cut Miami's series lead to 2-1. "I was worried about my elbow, but I was having trouble breathing. I just kept hearing him tell me to breathe. Everything else took care of itself."

When I think of this moment it enrages me more than any moment from the past 6 years. This was one of those moments that you can add to the what if stack. The Celtics could have potentially went up 3-2 in this series. Rondo was unable to provide adequate Rondoness to his team. They let go of game 4 in overtime, with Rondo missing much of the extra quarter because he was literally playing with one arm in the last two games.

There's a place in my dreams, a place that I set aside for this moment. It's a story that lives on. It's a folk story that you tell your kids. Most players would have sat out. Rondo probably shouldn't have been playing at all in the final two games, and in the final quarters in game 3. His heart is so big that it could crush this town.

When things slip away. They might be gone to stay. Rondo is a tough player, and a rare breed that we don't see everyday. This game was a prime example of who he is as a player, and maybe as a man. I respected Wade a bit before his dirty play on Rondo. This isn't considered a dirty play by many, but Wade has created an art on how to hurt guys. He's finally slipping up, and this play sparked some conversation on Wade's dirty antics. Rondo added another tale to his book. Rondo's determination is hard to teach, because you can't.

"I've seen [Rondo] play through some [injuries]," Garnett said after the game. "I'm not going to go through the list of injuries that you all are unaware of. I'm not going to put him out there like that, but I've seen him play through some horrific injuries. All of us sort of looked at each other like, 'What is he doing out here? Is he being smart right now?'

"When he came in, it was just typical Rondo. Shorty is a really tough, young individual and I don't know what he's going to be like when he's 35, but right now he's playing through a lot. He's showing a lot of heart, a lot of grit. We see it. That doesn't go unspoken or unseen. We see he's out there giving his full effort. We're following that lead."

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Reply paul
7:27 AM on August 1, 2013 
It seems like the NBA public is beginning to catch up with Wade. It's one thing to be a garden variety cheap shot artist like Shane Battier, but Wade hurts people, and he does it with craft and art that shows he intends it. The worst think I can say about Heat fans isn't that they are weak fans. It's that they continue to support this guy. If they were decent human beings they would have turned their backs on him once he started hurting people. Sometimes when people are in a group, they will support things that they must know in their hearts are wrong. That's why we continue to have wars, poverty, etc.. Heat fans must know in their hearts that what Wade does belongs in the UFC, not in the NBA.

I want Rondo to come back early from the ACL, but I want him to take care of himself too. The selfish fan can't help but want him to come back. He may be the most creative player the game has seen. His toughness is another way that he reminds me of Bobby Orr. Orr was the most creative player in hockey, probably ever, but like Rondo he was tough. He played through pain that would have destroyed others. He wouldn't back down from anyone, including bigger guys.

And this was an example of what has happened to the Cs in recent years when Rondo has gone down in the playoffs. With Rondo, the Big Three team fought its way deep into the playoffs. Without him, they got deleted quickly and unceremoniously. I think that may be what caused Steven Smith - no genius, I know - to say this summer that Rondo is 'big time'. How fans don't see it, how so many fans don't see it, I don't know. When Rondo is on the attack, other teams' defenses and offenses break down. It's pretty much that simple. He disrupts them on offense, and he puts them into panic mode on defense. I'm not sure even Lebron has the impact that Rondo has when he is dialed in all the way. I was thinking yesterday that we have surely never seen a player who made his ten points a game count for so much. Focused Rondo knows how to use his scoring at key moments of the game, and to break down the opposing defense. One successful Rondo attack on the basket has the impact of five baskets by almost anyone else.
Reply Greg
11:03 AM on August 1, 2013 
Rondo is a determind cat,and I see him coming back quick. But I also think Ainge is going to make sure he's 100%. I think a part of Rondo wants to show up Rose. Rondo has a higher mindset for pain. He plaid on a partially torn ACL,that's unheared of.
Reply rcraig617
11:33 AM on August 1, 2013 
I cam't even watch that video it makes my blood boil. In regards to rondo playing with pain that's been a given and is a reason why he's one of my favorite players and win or lose you won't hear about it from him. Other guys will play with some injuries and when they do bad use the injury as an excuse. It also seems to me whenever rondo takes a hard fall or something it elevates his focus and he plays at a high level.
Reply rcraig617
11:35 AM on August 1, 2013 
As paul said the nba public is catching up with wade but the heat fans will never admit it I can honestly say though that analysts and people of that nature are noticing more but the thing is it doesn't matter if people notice after the fact wade still isn't being hit with techs or ejections heck this year he elbowed lance stephenson in the head but nazr mohammed got ejected for pushing lebron what kind of balance is that? I remember a couple of years ago wade tried to run through a paul pierce screen in game 1 of the 2010 playoffs if I remember correct and paul stood his ground and got ejected for it.
Reply paul
1:21 PM on August 1, 2013 
According to Don STerni, wade is a Made Man