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Friendship for the ages

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 20, 2013 at 11:20 PM

In 2007 I don't think anyone expected years later that Rondo and Garnett would become great friends. Garnett had Pierce on one side, and Ray on another. The unlikely friendship of two players divided by nearly 10 years is unique.

Brothers are family and an extension of who we are. Brothers may look alike, and they may have some of the same qualities physically and mentally. Brothers are friends as well for some. I think  sticking together is a quality in a friend that falls into an ingredient in such magic that has been apart of Rondo and KG. 

Brothers have no end, their is a life long bond no matter where you live, or what decisions you make. Brothers part from time to time, and were seeing that with KG and Rondo. But brothers come together again. In some fashion. KG and Rondo won't play with each other on a NBA court even again, but now they're enemies. That's how they'll see it, both cut from the same cloth. Both wanting to win at any cost, and I expect fireworks between the two teams when they met.

September 28th, 2012 on Media Day-CSNNE

Rajon Rondo only knew Garnett as an opponent during his rookie season. Over the past five years, they have developed a close relationship as teammates, mentormentee, and big brotherlittle brother.

"I would probably say Kevin is my closest friend on the team," Rondo said Friday on Boston Celtics Media Day.

In spite of a ten-year age difference, the big man and point guard have clicked. They share the same intense passion to win, as well as other interests off the court. More importantly, Garnett has been in Rondo's corner since the first day they met in the summer of 2007.

"Kevin always wants to see me do well," said Rondo. "From day one, I think my second year, when he first came in he told me he would be disappointed if I wasn't the MVP of the league one day, if I wasn't considered the best point guard one day. He's always pushed me and expected more out of me than a lot of people did. He's always showed me how to become a better person each day. Whenever I mess up, Kevin's always the one to tell me, 'You should do this, you should conduct yourself this way or handle it that way.' So he's kind of like a big brother-slash-mentor and he's always wanted the best for me. We kind of gravitated toward each other. Obviously off the court we have a lot of things in common. We share the same interest in a lot of things and like I said, he's been like a big brother to me."

A Brother is there helping when you have fallen.  A brother is the one who sticks up for you. Kevin has seemed to always rush to Rondo's aid when the media around Boston questions Rondo as  leader, and as a star player.  A brother is the first one to fight for you. When it came to a fight, Rondo was the first to the defense of a teammate. Rondo set aside a personal goal, and quest to have the most 10 plus assists games in a row. Rondo didn't like the Nets roughness on KG, so Rondo sent a message to now teammate Kris Humphries. KG said this about Rondo's altercation.

“Rajon doesn’t like anybody messing with teammates or messing with brothers or family.,” Garnett said Thursday on WEEI’s “Mut & Merloni Show.” “It’s been how it is since I’ve been here. We have each others’ backs out there.”

Rondo was bashed from everyone on this. During that time period we had writers like Bob Ryan calling Rondo's quest silly, and dumb,and not important. Rondo in the end chose team first, much like an assist right? Rondo's about team, and not me. That's KG in a nutshell. They both beat to the same drum. During the early part of the 2012-13 season, when things were still promising, KG had this to say about his little brother after a game against Toronto in November. 


“I’ve never played with a point guard who is in control of the flow the way he is,” said the 14-time NBA All-Star. “Probably if anybody comes to mind I’m thinking Sam Cassell. He was pretty good at controlling the flow; he could score the ball. But as far as both ends, controlling the game, understanding the flow, knowing when to slow it down, [Rondo]‘s probably the best at it. He’s very conscious of the game from both ends. Usually, you have a point guard who’s a scoring point guard or you have a point guard on the other side of the ball, which is the defensive side, but but as far as 48 minutes on both sides of the ball, he’s the best at it.

“I’ve always looked at someone as the MVP as someone who makes his player not only better, but is able to dictate the game from different stat-wise, is able to get rebounds, does multiple things for his team. That’s personnel. That’s preference. Obviously, I’m going to be biased, because I play with him, and I see his growth and I see how hard he works, but when it comes to his presence on the game, that’s hard. That’s up there with the modern day Kobe [Bryant]s and LeBron [James]es and all that, so I think he gets his knock, because he doesn’t score the ball and all that stuff. But when you look at the overall package, it’s unbelievable what he’s doing.

“After the third day when I first got here, we were doing pickup without you guys knowing, and you could see his potential from how he was dictating the pickup games. I’m not saying he was scoring the ball, but he was dictating a lot of plays from both ends. I evaluate the game from not just a scoring perspective, but a defensive perspective, too. I told him a long time ago, when I first met him, that he had the potential to do both — that he had the energy and the IQ to do both — and it was up to him. Obviously, you all see what this product is coming out to be, and the future is whatever he wants it to be. I’ve always said with Rondo it’s always between his ears, and consistency is everything. Whatever you put into this, that’s what your’e going to get out of it, and he’s doing a great job of it.”

Their bond is strong and forever. They have shared something so unique and special. I feel privileged to have seen their relationship since 2007.  For what they have shared, it's something that many have not have the honor to know. It is something so special...I don't  want it to stop,but it's reached an end.  They have complemented each others personality so perfectly. They have ignited their desires and know how to compete.

I don't think a perfect ending was in the cards for Rondo and KG. Danny was the old dad forbidding it to happen. He wasn't going to trade Pierce without KG. Ainge was going to go all in for a rebuild with Rondo. Danny wasn't going to keep half of the core together.

There are times when we meet people, and an instant connection is born. We cannot explain it, nor do we try, and shouldn't try to explain. It's something about them that can draw you in, and it catches your eye. We know as we get to know them a lasting friendship will ensue, and perhaps it will stand the test of time, and last forever. Will never get to see the two players together on a day to day basis, and that saddens me, and I can only imagine how that feels for the both of them. Both Rondo and KG are professional, and they have lost close teammates before. Something about this breakup hurts. It's final for two ultra competitive forces on the same team.

 It has always felt like two minds, and  one dream before them.  Two hearts, one love, and the love of basketball was their common ground.Two hopes, and one destiny.  Their paths crossed, and two worlds emerged over 6 years ago. Two lives now intertwined forever.

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Reply Birdman33
3:18 AM on July 21, 2013 
Good read Shawn.
Reply Franklin
12:22 PM on July 21, 2013 
Agree,good read.
Reply paul
5:15 PM on July 21, 2013 
Defense, defense, defense, Rondo! Listen to KG.