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Celtics Morning Joe: Masters of the mind

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 5, 2013 at 5:00 AM

An open mind is thoughtful, and it observes but does not judge. An open mind doesn’t draw conclusions, if the slightest doubt remains.If you keep an open mind you can hear a new idea forming, and it can be apart of some great results. If your theories don’t hold up, you will seek to understand the truth. Your wisdom will expand when you find a solution.Rajon Rondo will have to communicate and learn from a new coach.

The same goes for Brad Stevens. Both men will have to adjust to new and uncharted aspects of their careers. Brad will coach his first NBA team, and Rondo will be coached by someone other then Doc Rivers. They will have to become collaborators like Lennon and McCartney. Let's not hope for the later years version when wives and ego became more apart of their relationship. Even though their greatest music happened during the final years of the Beatles. Let's hope for the early days when sleeping in the same hotel room was fun, and to pass the time they worked on their craft.

gary washburn @GwashNBAGlobe 

Source close to Rajon Rondo says #celtics PG is looking at Stevens hire with "completely open mind."

In the classroom of life.There are teachers everywhere. While open minded students, strive to learn, and be aware of new ways. Rondo must adopt, and adapt to new things. The same will have to be said of Stevens. This is a players league, unlike the college game where it's more coach driven. Everyone seems to believe in Stevens, and as you saw yesterday. I have become more 'open minded' about the idea. 

So they need to both look into a mirror, and reflect on what they see. The question is are they both only  teachers? Or are they both students? The question is both. Both need to forge on together, and both parties need to keep an open mind, and it seems Ainge did by taking a chance on Brad Stevens.

(Stay tuned for quotes and notes after he talks with the media)

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Reply paul
6:08 AM on July 5, 2013 
Another beautiful piece, Shawn. The villification of Rondo in the media is just astounding. How many coaches have Chris Paul, Williams and Howard collectively gotten rid of, and how many teams have they left in the lurch, and how many times have they seemed to blame their teammates? Howard? He literally gave up on Orlando, midgames and midseason. Kobe's personality chased Shaq off the Lakers!! It's up to Brad Stevens now, it seems. Is he going to work hand in hand with Rondo? Or is he going to have a battle of wills with Rondo, which can only end in career disaster for Rondo and missed opportunities, at least, for Stevens?
Reply Greg
10:17 AM on July 5, 2013 
Perfect points. These two need each other. Fighting this will only hurt them both. I hope they see it that way.
Reply paul
10:22 AM on July 5, 2013 
Greg says...
Perfect points. These two need each other. Fighting this will only hurt them both. I hope they see it that way.

man i hope they see it that way Greg