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What trades can help the Celitcs this season?

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 29, 2013 at 5:10 AM

When I look at the Celtics soon to be roster. I look at a few players that the Celtics don't need, and hopefully Danny can move them. I hate to be so heartless about it, but the Celtics could utilize Bass and Lee in a package for someone that will help now, and who could be a player to build with Rondo. Of course everything hangs on the fact that if the Celtics want to go over the luxury tax, and do they want to actually compete in 2013-14. With Marshon Brooks in the picture. The Celtics need to look for a buyer when it comes to Courtney Lee's 5 plus million a season all the way up to 2017.

I think the Celtics have draft picks, and some young talent to work with on a deal that would bring guys here now in Rondo's prime. Of course you need willing teams, and it also needs to be Danny's mindset. The Celtics don't need to jump into all of this right now or  this second if Rondo isn't back in time. But I think my impatient side wants to see the Celtics compete in a year or two. I have a few trades that I set up.Which I don't that often.

First Trade: Brandon Bass and Courtney for LaMarcus Aldridge. ESPN Trade Machine

Aldridge seems unhappy with the rebuilding phase in Portland, would it be any different in Boston? Big men are hard to come by. I don't know i he's the big to build around, but he's got two years left on his deal, and if we can ship out Lee and Bass for him it's the right move.Even with Aldridge's final two years.

LaMarcus Aldridge

  • BornJul 19, 1985 in Dallas, TX (Age: 27)
  • Drafted 2006: 1st Rnd, 2nd by CHI
  • CollegeTexas
  • Experience6 years

2012-13 Season


  • BornAug 13, 1990 in Mobile, AL (Age: 22)
  • Drafted2010: 1st Rnd, 5th by SAC
  • CollegeKentucky
  • Experience2 years

2012-13 Season


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Reply paul
6:50 AM on June 29, 2013 
I can't see the Cs holding onto Rondo. He's going to be traded soon too. I hope I'm just being pessimistic, and that Danny really understands the special potential that Rondo has, but frankly, Danny seems to have no clue about such things. To him, players are just animals. That's how it looks to me. He loves wheelin' and dealin' them. Like horses. He's made it clear now that he wants draft picks. Rivers said this and I think he's right about that. Danny has made his mind up that he wants picks. He can get a nice one with Rondo. Folks are saying he can get a lottery pick with Rondo, and maybe more too. The deals Ainge has made have pretty much guaranteed, it seems to me, that the Celtics will be lousy during Rondo's prime. I don't think he's so hateful that he'd chain a great player entering his prime to a terrible team, especially not when he can go get a nice pick for that payer. Who is our center now? Olnyck? My God, that is a terrible team. That's a tank job in the making.

Ainge has no idea of what it might mean to commit to a great player. He can't conceive of such a thing. It's like he has something broken in his mind, or some massive block. How could Russell, Bird and Cowens have led great Celtics dynasties if Red hadn't committed to those guys? Each of those guys was difficult in their own way. But he could see that their impact went way beyond fitting into a certain role as a kind of 'employee', whose primary job is to fit easily into a slot.

Were Danny to keep Rondo, it would have to be that he believed in Rondo. And he'd show that this summer. He'd make it clear that Rondo is untouchable. I know he's said that he wasn't looking to trade Rondo, but that's a different thing, and Danny is 100% not to be trusted on anything he says if there is any wriggle room at all, and he's willing to turn on a dime to trade ANYONE. So many of the media seem to have bought into Danny's mantra, that anyone is tradable, and that one always has to keep checking on the 'market value' of your 'assets'. It's fairly insane if you ask me. This is about ideology, not reality, about the notion that all human relationships can be reduced to market dynamics. I think it's also an effect of the rise of fantasy sports. To build a team, you need to have some degree of stability and commitment. I think this is something the Cs used to have, something the Spurs now have. You have to identify the guys who are really key guys and you have to trust them enough to let them know that they are not eternally on the chopping block. Maybe part of the reason Doc became such an appeaser of his big stars was that he had to try to make up for the way Danny treated them. Maybe the more Danny acted like a walking Sword of Damoclese, the more Doc had to appease.
Reply Patrick
6:59 AM on June 29, 2013 
Wow - I lost a few brain cells reading this - no way any team accepts these offers - try not to be such a homer & realize you need to give up talent to receive talent! Rondo is biggest & really only trade chip Boston currently has ... Green & Bradley could improve their stock .... Sullinger a nice kid but his lack of athleticism, body habitus & back will have him out of the league in 3 to 5 years ... Everyone else on roster is cap filler --- the draft picks & earlier mentioned players is how Ainge will attempt to quickly rebuild
Reply Shawn Cassidy
7:04 AM on June 29, 2013 
@Patrick, this is why I normaly stay away from posts like this. Most of the trades our fantasy. I picked both of these players for the fact that their rumored to be on the move or unhappy.
Reply paul
7:55 AM on June 29, 2013 
The 'logical ones' at Celitics Blog are, as usual, proclaiming Ainge a genius. They are so wrapped up in their peculiar ideology, where the Perkins trade was perfectly timed (Doc himself declared that the timing was bad later), etc.. Genius or not, I think the direction he has chosen to go in is clear now, and it doesn't involve Rondo. It's based around draft picks that are likely to become meaningful as guys like Green, Sully and Bradley become prime players. Rondo's prime is now, and I don't see how Danny makes any moves that will serve Rondo's needs as a player, some of his best 'assets' being now gone. As Patrick points out, we aren't going to get a lot for Sully and Courtney Lee.

Shawn, I can see why you would lean towards Aldridge. Maybe if I knew him better I would agree, and especially now that KG is gone and we literally have D League types at the 5. Sadly, it seems that Danny has totally bought into the Centers Don't Matter hype. We'll see I guess. If we are going to land a top center, we have to trade Rondo, surely.

I think Josh Smith is the obvious guy to go after. The smartypants types endlessly recount his flaws. So Howard isn't flawed? Other than, say Lebron, who is without flaws? The point surely is to find a player who has underachieved who needs the right situation? I think Smith is the perfect example of such a player, AND he seems to want to come here, AND we may have some things (Green, picks) that Atlanta would want, AND he would surely be the kind of player that potentially could bring out the best in Rondo. If we keep Rondo, Danny MUST make some moves to bring Rondo players he really wants to work with. THAT is how the game works today, and how it really has always worked, but especially today. If Danny were such a genius, I think he'd get that.