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Doc: 'if Ainges does nothing, the Celtics are still really good"

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 27, 2013 at 12:35 AM

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It's still very weird hearing Doc talking about this team in the past tense. Doc still believes in the Celtics, but what else is he going to say? Doc also said he likes the Clippers potential. They key word is 'potential'. The Clippers much like the Celtics have a top five point guard. The Clippers have another young star in Blake Griffin who isn't exactly polished yet when it comes to an all around game. All I have to say is this about what Doc saying. Danny didn't create this out of thin air. Doc and Danny talked, and Doc was selling to Danny the fact that he believe this team stopped listening to him, and that a fresh voice was the key. So why would the Celtics pay 7 million a year to a coach who's always talking about a break. Doc was year by year because he was waiting for Danny to start the rebuild. With the Celtics disaster in the first round Danny has no choice but to reshape the roster.

If [Celtics president of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge] does nothing... [the Celtics] are really good still." He said a healthy Rajon Rondo is the key and that veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett still have something left in the tank. Rivers raved again about Garnett and said he simply wants him to be happy in the final stage of his NBA career and hopes that can happen in Boston.

Doc,  the Celtics will see another banner before the Clippers. It may not be next year or the year after that. But soon..

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Reply paul
1:13 AM on June 27, 2013 
Scal. Josh Smith. Get KG to stay (Rondo, promise to play defense!!). Could be scary.
Reply C'slife
1:19 AM on June 27, 2013 
paul says...
Scal. Josh Smith. Get KG to stay (Rondo, promise to play defense!!). Could be scary.

The Celtics team of Danny and Wyc are lowering our expectations. This team will be fine. Maybe not title contenders in year one without Doc, unless Danny reshapes team with KG and company. Plus the options of moving Pierce or KG, or one. This team will be good with the core around Rondo. Bradley.Green, Sully will be solid with Rondo. Maybe ship out Lee or Terry for a better player with Rondo. Maybe a new coach could get Lee to work better with Rondo, and maybe a new coach will allow Bass to rebound.
Reply Morena
5:35 AM on June 27, 2013 
I'm really starting to be confident again about our team..
Reply paul
6:28 AM on June 27, 2013 
We have to see who they choose as coach. I've read a lot of speculation where it seems like the biggest concern that people have is that the new coach be able to 'handle' Rondo. Well if that's where this is going, then I'm not that interested. I don't want Rondo handled. I want him set free.